Slovenia defends unrestrected free movement of workers.

The European Union decided to allow a transitional period to its members for implementing an unrestricted free movement of workers. The Government of Ljubljana decided to approach in this case a mutual principle. Therefore the labour market in Slovenia is restricted for employees, who are coming from those countries where slovenian employees don’t have unrestricted access to the labour market, one of those is for example Austria.

There are no restrictions for employees from other countries. But the Government want’s to monitor the situation on the labour market accurately and probably will make use of this safety clause. Therefore all employees from EU-countries have to fill in a form for statistic aims.

Slovenia is the richest of the eight middle- and easterneuropean countries with a GDP that attains about 70 percent of the EU-average.


2 thoughts on “Slovenia defends unrestrected free movement of workers.

  1. Often in the case of highly developed countries with well economic there are many of the restrictions of movement within labour market. I think putting barriers for a short period of time is a good solution, but in the long run it may cause problems in the labor market. For example, if any country starts to missing the specialist doctors will have to be forced to open the borders for workers from other countries. On the other hand, the situation prevailing in Sweden, where many Polish doctors have left, has resulted in staff shortages in Polish hospitals. It`s caused by the large differences in wages and working conditions between those countries. Anyway, it`s very problematic issue and it requires a lot of analists and prognosis.

  2. The right to work in another country is a fundamental freedom for people in the EU. Mobile workers move to where there are jobs available and this benefits the economy.

    Slovenia is a small country with only 2 million people, so there is no afraid that the people from Slovenia would get threaten to other labour markets in EU. Because of that I think that Austria and Germany should open free movement of workers for Slovenia like the other members of EU -27 has done.
    In Slovenia the nationals of all EU and EEA (European Economic Area) Member States have free access to the labour market. If you are a citizen of EU or EEA member states, work permit to enter the Slovenian labour market is not required, and you can apply for job vacancies under equal conditions. The employer is obligated to register you into the obligatory pension, invalidity, health and unemployment insurance within 8 days of the date of signing the employment contract.
    When Slovenia joined the EU,the immigration increases. The migration into the first two years after our accession to the EU compared to the years rise for more than twice, in 2007 and 2008, for more than six times. Slovenia is also after the entry into the EU’s migration well connected with other countries of former Yugoslavia.
    Slovenia is having the most migration from Slovakia, Czech Republic, but the problem is that the most of the people is working on lower skilled working position (building grounds, cleanings….). Slovenian aim right now is to be attractive for a higher-skilled workers, especially for the fields of medicine, pharmacy…
    Slovenia is a really nice country to live and work, because of a good health insurance, pension system, education, working conditions… Maybe you can start thinking to move in Slovenia?


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