Gender Mainstreaming in Vienna

Vienna is a model city for gender mainstreaming. As the only federal province in Austria, Vienna established a project office for gender mainstreaming in the Chief Executive Office of the City Administration in 2005. Positioning gender mainstreaming at the senior management level has proven beneficial.

The success of gender mainstreaming is already visible in many areas: in labour market policies and the design and planning of public spaces, parks, playgrounds and day care centres. So far, there has been a particular emphasis on the gender aspect in the areas of urban planning, housing, public health, youth, and parks and gardens. 19 departments of the City Administration have already initiated gender mainstreaming activities.

The funds that are financed by the City of Vienna also apply the principles of gender mainstreaming in their work. Vienna’s know-how in the implementation of gender mainstreaming is internationally sought after. Experts of the City of Vienna have shared their knowledge and experience in many cities in Europe and the United States.

Examples of Gender Mainstreaming in Vienna
With targeted municipal offers and services, the City of Vienna aims to achieve positive sociopolitical changes for all citizens. One of the top goals of the City Administration is the increased orientation towards the needs and wishes of the citizens. In the context of gender mainstreaming, this means that the different life situations and needs of women and men have to be perceived and considered.
This is best illustrated by some examples:
• Public lighting
• Cemeteries
• Day care centres
• Safe underground car parks
• Gender budgeting

4 thoughts on “Gender Mainstreaming in Vienna

  1. I think it is really important to set more projects for gender mainstreaming at least in all european countries. The situation is getting better step by step, but there are still many professional categories and enterprises where female employees dont’t have the same options than their male collegues. I think it’s really time not only to speak about gender mainstreaming but also to do something to support it!

  2. The problem is that mostly the people who start this kind of conversation are women. Men don’t recognize that as a problem because they don’t face it.
    I’m glad that in Austria something is finally happening, but there are still a lot of countries where is huge gender inequality. I can’t even imagine how could European women live in some Arabic countries! We live in 21st century and both genders are equal in so many things, when there is question about responsibilities, somehow it’s OK that both genders are equal in this case, so there should be the same situation in all categories!

  3. It`s really interesting that gender division of labour market goes so far in Vien. I agree that this has positive social effects etc., but also women should strive themselves to change their situation, rather than wait for a legal solution to give them a place of work. However, I think that is a step in the right direction, and other cities should take an example from Vienna.

  4. I find it very progressive to point out these issues, because it can leave a very good impression on countries where mainstreaming is still a big issue. Austria, specifically Vienna, in this case is like a role model for other countries which are going to reach such an equality in gender possitions in labour market. For instance Latvian labour market has a tendency, that women are more employed then men are, but still the salary differences are rather big, despite the fact of employment. In my opinion this means, that, even though, women can find job easily, it doesn’t mean that the country has no mainstreaming issues in general.


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