Facts about education and it’s level in the world

Despite the fact that world people life level is increasing, there are still extremely much problems in education system and everybody now that mostly life quality depends on job, which depends on education.

• There are approximately 781 million adults who can not read, write and count.

• Approximately 140 million children worldwide do not attend school, of whom 55% are girls. Of 140 million children who are not in school about 30 to 40 million are children with special needs. Approximately 70% of these children live in sub-Saharan Africa and southern and western states. 1 / 3 public for which statistics are available less than 2 / 3 of the total number of students who began their training acquire basic education.

• Primary lose the race at the national and local government funding, because it is mainly directed to those areas that are linked to economic growth – infrastructure development and secondary / tertiary learning. Training materials are often inadequate child-age features, etc. needs.

• Over the past 5 years the number of people in secondary education worldwide has increased 4 times more than primary school. More than in 90 countries around the world girls are discriminated and couldn’t go to primary schoolf even if they wanted (at upper secondary level only 1 / 3 part of the world there is a gender balance).

• While number of schoolars is increasing number of teachers is catastrophically small, in addition their quality level is quite low. Teachers often lack the skills necessary to work with children who have a wide range of needs. Many teachers who are trained in the specialty, immediately left his work in education and move on to better paid jobs.

• In higher education there is a gender balance. In the 2007th in the Whole world WAS 152.5 million students – about 50% more Than in the 2000th But is-still observable regional difference in terms of the number of students – 71% of the population studying in North America and Western Europe, East Asia, 26%, 23% of Arab Countries, 11% in South and West Asia, and despite the recent Years, the observed Trend Growth – only 6% in Africa.


8 thoughts on “Facts about education and it’s level in the world

  1. This data are showing in how bad situation is labour market. Because education has huge influance on labour’s quality. I can agree that many teachers shouldn’t work in education. Nowadays it can feel the lack of born teachers, who can teach in an interesting and understandable way. I can say it from my own experience from school, not only high school but also university. In my opinion it’s really big problem. We can find a lot of reasons of this fact, for example low salary, too much students in class, lack of teaching aids in schools and universities, etc. To achieve stability in the labour market, first it should be ensured access to education for everyone, and solve issues wchich affect it. Also it is necessary to increase the number of institutions for children with special needs, which are also capable of learning, and later working.

  2. Education nowadays is very important for everyone. Especially in poor countries the education system isn’t good enough developed. For people who will never have the change to learn how to write and read it will always be unimpossible to find a better job. I thinkg there have to be made a lot of changes in the systems worldwide.

  3. In my opinion the education in Europe is not bad. The main problem is that there are a lot of child who drop off school before they are finished with it. This of course have a effect on them later on, because they are not educated and they can not find a good job.
    According to me, the social organizations for child with special need, should do more in order to integrate them better, because as it was said in one of the previous comment they are also capable learning and later on working .

  4. It was unsettling to read this article and realize how bad situation really is. Lack of education is usually indirect reason for different kind of big problems like spread of AIDs, corruption, criminality, discrimination and social instability. Therefore it is very important focus to increase education all over the world.

  5. Before this article about education level I did not realize that is so many problems in education system worldwide. The datas are really surprising. I think that the main problem about education is still coming from undeveloped countries, because of that the numbers are so big. As I know the Africa is really trying to improve their education system, but because of the working conditions, the teachers are not so skilled. That the number of the teacher is catastrophically small – we have to ask what are the reasons? Maybe low salaries, working conditions and i think that teaching children is not such a easy job. I my opinion sometimes the religion can be one of the reason in some countries that is why the children are not attending the school, or in poor countries usually the work is more important than education. In my opinion the education system problems are most lying in undeveloped countries, but I think that education will be from now on just increasing. In this days good education is on of the most important things!

  6. I agree with you all. The numbers are really surprising, I didn’t expects this either. I think it is true that the main problem about education is coming from undeveloped countries. Because I really don’t think the education in Europe is bad. But that doesn’t take away the fact that there are differences between the European countries themselves and the quality of their offered studies. Nowadays a good education is one of the most important things. Making it possible for students to study abroad is also a way to stimulate the students and to expand their horizons. Most countries know this and that’s why they make it possible for us students to study abroad or to even have an internship in other countries. So I think we are on the right direction and it is just a matter of time before those numbers will change positively.

  7. This blog post was very surprising and informative. The data was presented well. I have to admit that I was quite shocked, especially when reading that in more than 90 countries girls are discriminated and partially not allowed to go to school. I thought this was only the case in very few countries worldwide.

  8. I think that more effort should be put into making a better education system in developing countries . If these children don’t get a good education and aren’t able to read or write, then they will never be able to to escape from poverty. Also, the gender discrimination in some countries should be removed as everyone should have the right to learn.


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