Poland is a great place to invest and develop business. In its latest report, Ernst & Young European Attractiveness Survey 2008 Poland was identified by managers of international companies as companies considered by the location of new foreign direct investment (FDI) in Europe. Tourists admire the hospitality and friendliness, monuments of Polish culture and the richness of nature.

 Polish 38-million market is one of the largest in the European Union. Convenient location in the heart of Europe and at the crossroads of major transportation routes makes the Polish goods can be exported to all European countries and reach over half a billion consumers. Among the Polish major trading partners include Germany, Russia, France, Hungary, Ukraine, Spain and China.The Polish economy has a solid foundation for stable development. According to Fitch Ratings in June 2008, five years, Poland has recorded unable growth of 5% per annum and the dynamics of exports at 30%.

The another thing which is worth underlined is polish agriculture.There are many private companies, whose potential can make our country one of the major food producers in the European Union. Global corporations would like to choose Poland as the location for their new investments in Europe. Number of new investment projects, especially in sectors: automotive, R & D centers, electronics and chemical industries are increasing. Poland offers investment incentives to foreign companies. One of the many possibilities is the placement of investments within the Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Poland has 14 zones. These zones are specific areas designated for the conduct of business at special preferential terms. SEZs offer investors attractive new tax credits to facilitate the employment and well-prepared investment sites.

As we can see, nowadays Poland becomes more attractive, the only thing to do  is to convince foreigns that investment’s in Poland are not risky but profitable.



  1. I can add that Poland is country where a lot of companies invest, open new branch. Now our country is faze of development. It has been the only European country to reach this year, positive growth, while the highest among OECD countries. Poland has proved the same, that its economy and the attractiveness of the investment are sufficiently solid foundation to ease turbulence in times of crisis. Also the decision to hold the European Championships in football Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine will speed up a number of investments which are carried out in Poland in the years 2007 to 2013.

  2. I just can agree with you. My opinion is not only based on the Ernst and Young recommendation but I think Poland has many things to offer to Investors. On the one hand there is the good location. Located in the heard of Europe, goods can be easily transported to other countries. Moreover through the entrance into the European Union Poland received a lot of money to enlarge their road system or improve it. On the other hand the wages and salaries of polish workers are compared to the one in other European Countries like Germany, Spain, Great Britan and so on very low. Therefore the expenses for personal can be held pretty low for companies and the quality is still the same as producing in a high wage country.
    Furthermore I think the tourist branche can be a good way to invest money too. Not only cities like Warsaw, Krakow or the Masuria are attracting a lot of people but also the Baltic Sea is very turistic. Moreover attractions like the annual ski jumping in Zakopane brings a lot of turists into the coutry.
    Summing it up, I just can agree with Ernst and Young. Poland is a country on the upwards track and we should not wonder if they will be once one of the leading countries in Europe.


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