German companies looking for only skilled workers

Craftsmen, catering staff, conservators of monuments, car mechanics, builders, but most of all the doctors and nurses from the Polish soon find employment in the German labour market.

The official opening of the labor market in Germany for the new EU countries, including Polish, will be 30 April 2011. But now the German government abolished the administrative barriers in recruiting highly qualified Polish immigrants.

The greatest interest of the German employers are Polish doctors, dentists and nurses and carers of the elderly. Condition of employment is a good knowledge of German language. German medical personnel is very expensive, and the demand for such services is constantly growing. This is due to the fact that every third person in Germany is already retired. In German hospitals also lack the specialized management. Managers specializing in health care are on the list, search for jobs by the Federal Employment Agency and currently have privileges in obtaining employment permits.

According to company owner MMC Consulting,  Polish craftsmen, hotel and catering staff, car mechanics and builders can also count on well-paid jobs. In these professions there is a change of generations. Retirement leave employees who are not there to replace.
Also, temporary work agencies are hoping that after the opening of the German labour market will be 30 per cent increase in demand for temporary workers from Polish. The companies will employ staff to build boats, care for the elderly or sick, for finishing works, as well as architects and computer scientists.

Experts agree that the Poles will begin to migrate in masse for a profit to Germany after 2011 but it`ll mainly depend on the situation in the local labour market. Recent studies conducted by the newspaper Handelsblatt and the firm Droege & Comp. shows that German companies intend to in 2010. substantially increase employment. The report of the Deutsche Bundesbank says about decline in unemployment in 2011. from the current 8.7 percent. to 4.2 percent. According to Lars Bosse, Director of the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce, it`s very optimistic forecast because that nearly 1.5 million people employed in industry and they are currently called as short-time workers and their wages largely borne by the Government. These subsidies will end in 12 months and if by that time, they will not will acquire new jobs, unemployed workers will go into the registers.

For the German economy driving domestic consumption is going slowly down. The reason is more frequent trips overseas pensioners. Its provision of transfers to other countries has already closed to 1.5 million Germans.


2 thoughts on “German companies looking for only skilled workers

  1. From the one hand that’s the perfect situation for polish workers to have well-paid job or just to get a job for those who are unemployed. However from the other side Poland, year by year,is loosing well-qualified workers, due to migration about which we hear all the time. If Poland doesn’t improve the situation of labour market in the result other countries like mentioned Germany slowly will open their labour market and take our best workers. After years of migration polish pepople who are going to start working in Germany have to be prepare for the fact that german societies could start treat polsih workers as an enemies, who are taking away their place to work as it happens permanently in Great Britain for instance. Summing up this is very good information that Germany opens their labour market for polish workers but we have to be aware of the fact that it could also cause many serious problems for both sides.

  2. I really like your point of view but I would like to add a few words from me. First of all, I believe that if a large group of well-qualified workers will leave Poland, it will be signal to employers in Poland to increase wages and improve working conditions in the domestic market. In other words, this process can also be a motivation for the polish labour market. Secondly, I believe that employees who choose to go to Germany after some time return to the country with an even better experience. So the process of emigration workers has a number of issues and it`s clearly difficult to consider it as a positive or negative matter. Anyway, like you said, polish government and employers have to observe movements in labour market.


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