The situation of LOT Polish Airlines

Redundant employees of LOT Polish Airlines will soon receive proposals for new jobs – inform the representatives of the agencies leading the training of the carrier.
“Launch another, four-step training consisting of learning self-presentation during the interview and the individual meetings, during which coaches will provide concrete proposals to interested”  said Arthur Ragan from Work Work Express. He assured that the so-called. recruiters are working to find interesting offers that suit their capabilities and qualifications of redundancies.

Exemptions LOT began in October last year, when the national carrier said that during the two quarters will release the 400 people in the restructuring of the employing almost 3.5 thousand of the company. The company split to both employees admitted to it last year, and even with forty years of experience.
The first phase of voluntary training program for laid-off workers has already completed. At the first meeting came more than 20 people, but the training and workshops are still open to all comers. Coaches are confident that the number of people benefiting from this form of support will increase.
The average age of trainees was 45 years (the oldest participant was 59, and the youngest 26 years), most were women.

Coaches believe that the situation of redundant workers of the national air carrier is specific, because most of them with was associated with a company for practically the entire period of their careers. Training of trainers were surprised that the majority of LOT Airlines employees, despite the very high qualifications such as experience and knowledge of foreign languages, do not feel that these are very large advantages in the labour market. Therefore, experts have focused on building motivation redundant workers, analysis of their strengths and opportunities in the labour market and help in creating CV.
Experts argue that the multi-branch employees LOT consultants can be great for the tour operators, and the stewardesses, whose advantages are mobility and language skills may find themselves in positions of customer service in companies doing business abroad. For technicians, pilots and mechanics are the job opportunities in other countries in similar positions as in Poland.

Training by trainers organized under the outplacement program. According to the Law on Employment Promotion, an employer who intends to release at least 100 people within three months, must arrange for the redundant scheme. Outplacement may include the clearance, psychological counseling, assistance in finding new jobs, training, further training or assistance in moving to a new place of residence.


2 thoughts on “The situation of LOT Polish Airlines

  1. The same happened in Austria a few years ago with the Airline. There a lot of employees took the advantage of these trainings. In my opinion it is a good idea, especially when big companies that are most owned by the state, have to leave a lot of their employees. With these trainings the employees have a better chance to find another job.

  2. It is really good, that the companies are obliged to “take care” of their laid off employees in Poland according to the Law on Employment Promotion. The redundant scheme should help sacked people to recover after a job loss. But in general I think that it should not be a problem for airline staff to find a new job, as long as stewardesses could go and easily find work in a service sector, and there is always a demand for good pilots and mechanics at the airline business market (even during the times of economic crisis Asian airlines are searching for qualified experienced staff).

    Although people working in other sectors such as factories could be in a more vulnerable position than airline staff. Taking to consideration, that in general education level of factory workers is lower and with the crisis on the mass production industry market, their situation after getting laid off could be pretty sad: in my opinion requalification and finding a new job would not much harder than for airline workers.


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