In times of Crisis: Women are preferred.

In times of crisis: Women are preferred.

Various studies of leadership show that highly educated people have a strong preference for a male leader, in times of crisis. Striking, particularly when we look at the ‘normal’ times, where there is a preference for male leaders.

An example of one of those studies is, that respondents were asked which of the two candidates they would choose for getting a fictitious software company out of ‘danger’. Up to 83% of the respondents chose the female candidate.

The explanation of various professors of leadership is, that highly educated don’t need a masculine, strong leader, in times of crisis.
Instead, there is a need for a leader who is open to ideas (90%) and a boss who lets people into thinking about the direction of the company(78%). A leader who wants everybody to be involved to everything in and around the company. These properties belong more often to women than to men.
The respondents of these studies are agreed, that women are better able to bind, to collaborate and they are less power hungry.

Besides women are mostly higher educated than man. They might not work that much as men do, but they are more often higher educated.

The point that women work less than man do, is because the most of the women which are highly educated, choose to take care for their children (family).
After all, the women who did choose for their carreer, could definitely take over the task as leader. If it is really what they want, they will work very hard for it and they will create a nice atmosphere in the workplace, where everybody feels good and works very hard.


5 thoughts on “In times of Crisis: Women are preferred.

  1. It’s true that women’s working situation is slowly but changing and what is most important – in a positive way. The main problem with women labour market was how to share duties between work and home, which sometimes seem impossible, however through the years women fastly adapt to new conditions and with perfect organization it is not a problem now to have both a well paid job and to find fullfilment in motherhood. And exactly these things proved women perfect organization, responsibility and reliability which nowadays employers appreciate most.

  2. I would like to draw the attention to the interesting fact why women are preferred to men as leaders in times of crisis. In the article above the author emphasises that women are preffered as long as during the economic crisis companies do not need strong, masculine leader. I agree that companies would want to change leaders during the economic crisis for the reason of changing the business strategy and bringing new ideas to their market. Although behind this thought could be another factor: taking to the consideration, that women get paid less than men for doing the same job, it could be a good reason for companies to save on wages by employing women.

  3. I totally agree to you.
    That’s what this article goes about.
    Women nowadays can combine work with the care for their family. And they can fulfill both ‘jobs’ perfectly. That’s what makes women attractive employees. They are so multitasked and they can do the things as they have to be, without some negligible.

  4. I have to agree as well. Nowadays women want to combine both, work and family. I also have the opinion, that in time of crises companies prefer to employ women as they don’t earn the same as men do. But the problem is, that there will always be a differentiation between men and women considering their salary. And I am not sure, if it ever will be balanced.

  5. I agree with all of the previous comments. I just want to add something concerning the employment of women during the crisis.
    During crisis women are in a better position that men, because as we know one of the main sectors that is hardly affected by the financial crisis in the construction sector, where most of the employees are males. That is way the percentage of unemployment is bigger for male rather than females.


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