Investing in Morocco

Morocco follows the example of other emerging countries, a policy which aims to make foreign investment a strategic pillar for economic and social growth to create. The government has made efforts to Morocco’s attractiveness on the basis of all actions in the economic, institutional and legislative levels. Specifically:

• Introducing an attractive tax system in terms of investment, particularly the force of the investment charter.
• The introduction of a treaty regime that offers special advantages to major investors who adjourn or sign contracts with the State.
• A review of the institutional investment environment, based on a better division and distribution of tasks and roles, on the one hand of the regional investment centers (CRI) who help and assist investors at regional level, and on the other hand at national level the Investment Commission that was set up in October 1998 , which is chaired by the Prime Minister.

Investment centers

     The 16 regional investment centers are employed at two levels:

1: Assistance in setting up a business.
– All information regarding laws and regulations for setting up a business
– Assistance in obtaining necessary documents and certificates from the competent authorities.

2: Assistance to investors:

– Provide all relevant information on regional investments to investors.
–  Examine all applications for administrative permits or preparing the administrative steps   that are necessary for the realization of investment projects in industry, agro-industry, mining, tourism, crafts or housing (if it is about an investment of less than 200 million Dirhams). Make it possible for the provincial governor to issue permits or administrative documents to sign.
– If the investment is 200 million Dirhams or more, the draft contracts or agreements concluded with the State should be examined and forwarded to the competent authority for approval and signature by the contracting parties.
– Trying to come to amicable settlements in cases of disputes between investors and the government.

In addition, Morocco has had in recent years several structural reforms so that the macro-economic situation has become stable and the economy has opened to the international market. There are several partnership agreements and free trade agreements signed.


The reason why investing in Morocco is interesting is because of the following arguments;

1. Strong political and institutional stability, based on a continuous process of democratization
2. Strong institutional support and a favorable legal framework
3. Policy of structural reforms and liberalization of the economy
4. Educated population with a very good technical level
5. Near Europa

3 thoughts on “Investing in Morocco

  1. I agree with you,because Morocco is a currently a unique location for property investors and offers the opportunity to purchase property early in an emerging market at prices very favourable to most other destinations.

    I think the unique about property market in Morocco is the sense of security for investors: with tourism already improving at a fast rate and buy-to-let investors reporting a high occupancy rates during the high season, Morocco offers a safe arena in which to purchase property.

  2. Morocco is definitely a unique location for property investors. Most of the people think that, maybe because Morocco is located in Africa(?), that in Morocco you’ll only find sand and mountains. But if you’ll go and take a look, you’ll be very surprised. It is a very wonderful country, full of tourists and there are many oppurtunities for business. It’s not only during the high season, but it is during the whole year.

  3. The arguments are very strong. In a theoretic view, there are a lot of opportunities. Maybe it’s a beautiful country (I’m never been there). It is near by Europe. Yes it is, but is that an positive thing? Investments in China or India are also good, or not? How is the culture? Are people able to work hard? We have to do a lot of research before we can invest in Morocco, I guess. Culture is so very important for companies!


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