Recession-proof industries

With the recession hundreds of jobs are disappearing daily in many countries. But in some industries people manage to keep their jobs during recessions and financial crises.

If we compare the current recession to earlier ones like in 1981-1982, 1990-1991 and 2001 in the USA, we would see how some sectors did not loose jobs and the number of jobs even grew in some.

Security – No matter how bad the financial crisis gets, the need for security shall not decrease. Jobs like firemen, police, law enforcement officers, customs and security services, forensics, and shop security personnel may even need more skilled personnel during the recession.

Healthcare – The need for skilled nurses, doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists, analysts, caregivers, medical assistants, physical therapists, home health aides, medical records staff and health information technicians will hardly decrease and may even grow during the recession.

Education – The need for trained teachers and some other skilled people in the core processes of the education industry in highly populated growth areas remain constant during recessions and will probably remain so now.

Personal Care – Barbers, hairdressers, beauticians and cosmetologists also could keep their jobs. Businesses in the upmarket range might lose customers but those who cater to downmarket needs will probably survive.

Legal Professions – Skilled professionals in the claims and compensation sectors, or those dealing with bankruptcies, and contractual disputes usually see more work during recessions.

Food Industry – People can’t give up eating even during a recession. Cheaper take-aways and eateries would need more staff ready to work at lower pay to function than luxury restaurants, which may not have enough customers.

House and Car Repairs – Skilled house repair servicemen like plumbers or electricians in densely populated areas didn’t lose their jobs during previous recessions. Though not many new houses are being built, emergency repairs are vital. We might drive older cars, but they need to be serviced and repaired. Cleaners will still be needed.

Environmental Sector – The demand for skilled professionals in environmental health and protection has been constant and is not likely to diminish during the recession.

Sales and Marketing – Business need to market more aggressively in hard times. Skilled marketing and salespeople working on commission pay basis would keep their jobs even during the recession days.

IT and Accounting Services – IT services need to function always. Skilled people working to provide accounting and IT-related services in core business functions would still be in high demand throughout the recession and more during the next upswing.


2 thoughts on “Recession-proof industries

  1. I can totally agree that with the recession hundreds of jobs are disappearing daily, however in the same time there are some jobs who will be demanded in any case. However i think that there is also quite big decrease in the job in some of the sectors that you mentioned in your article. Besides the fact that these kind of jobs are demanded, there is not necessary so many people working in this sectors, as not all people can afford to use all the services, for example it is the case for hairdressers and restaurant business- people are not spending some much money for these services in the recession, therefore these sectors loose their customers and there is not necessary so many workers in the sector, cause demand decrease, meaning that supply also has to decrease.

  2. I think that recession-proof industries are good solution for economic stability of countries. I mean, that countries should divide their main industries between those that are high profitable but maybe not so stable AND maybe lower rentabile, but crisis-proof. I have this opinion, because I could see the wrong example of managing economy in my country. Whole our economy was in the last years dependent especially on car industry. On the one hand we had very good GDP growth before crisis and our economy was rapidly increasing, but this industry was very risky, because one day crisis came and this industry went rapidly down and consequently lot of people lost their jobs. So this is why recession-proof industries are so important for economy.


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