Good news: Andalucia’s unemployment shrinking as from April 2010

The number of unemployed registered at the offices of the National Employment Institute (INEM) in Andalusia fell in the month of April 2010 by 4086 workers, representing a decline of 0.46% over the previous month, according to data by the Ministry of Labour and Immigration. With this figures, the total number of unemployed in the Community is situated on 879 307 workers. Also on-year, unemployment increased in 82 840 people, representing an increase of 10.40 percent over the same month last year. This breaks down the upward trend in unemployment, as it is the first unemployment fall recorded in the last nine months, both nationally and Andalusia, as the last drop was recorded in July 2009.

Nationally, the number of unemployed registered at the offices of public employment services (ex INEM) fell by 24 188 people in April, up 0.6 percent from March, bringing the jobless total stood at 4,142,425 people, according to the Ministry of Labour and Immigration, which confirmed the filtered data and the past weekend. Likewise, the reduction of unemployed in April in contrast to the increase of 39 478 unemployed people experienced in the same month in 2009.  In the last twelve months, unemployment has increased by 497 545 workers, 13.6 percent, of which 244 239 were males and 253 306 women, with relative increases of 13.2 per cent and 14 per cent respectively.

In Andalusia, by sector, the registered unemployment in Andalusia increased in 3536 people in the group without previous employment and raised in 3205 people in Agriculture. By contrast, unemployment fell in 5473 people in the service sector, fell in 4762 people in the building and there was a decrease of 592 people in the industry. By gender, of the 879 307 registered unemployed last month in Andalusia, the majority were men with 439 680 unemployed while 439 627 were women.

The INEM unemployment in April rose in the middle of the Andalusian provinces, registering the biggest increases in Jaen, an increase of 7.08 percent (3340 unemployed), in Almería, with an increase of 2.07 percent (stand 1420), Córdoba, an increase of 0.42 percent (+322), and Granada, with an increase of 0.24 percent (+214).  Faced with these four provinces, the other Andalusian saw its unemployment figures down, so that in Huelva was reduced by 2.88 per cent, with 1447 fewer unemployed, Cadiz, with a reduction of 2.3 percent (3956 persons ), Sevilla, down from 1.68 percent (3460 persons), and Malaga, with a reduction of 0.30 percent (-519 persons). Thus, Cádiz leads, along with Barcelona (7191) and Baleares (3861), the list of provinces where unemployment fell more in absolute terms in relation to the previous month, while Jaen, near Las Palmas (+ 2790) was the province where unemployment has grown most in absolute terms.


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