Summer jobs – an opportunity for European students how to make money and get the new experiences

Student summer jobs are not the only way how to earn some extra money, but provide also a lot of new experiences during the summer holiday. There are many jobs students can undertake. For European students, there are three groups of the most favourite destinations for summer jobs.

First is the North America, especially the USA or Canada. Students can choose here from many different job offers, like housekeepers, au-pairs, waiters or waitresses, lifeguards, staff in summer camps or funparks, etc. People are also used to combine the working with studying a language, in this case, English language. Unfortunately, since the dollar has become a not so strong currency, the earnings in the USA are not so high. Nevertheless, it is still a popular destination for summer job, because students like to travel the USA.

The second group of countries, that offers temporary job opportunities is Great Britain with Ireland. These countries opened their labour markets for immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe. But during the last two years, because of the global crisis, the number of workers arriving in the UK and Ireland from the so-called “EU 8” countries of Eastern Europe has dropped by more than a half compared with last years.

The last, and probably the most popular destinations for the students, are the holiday resorts in Southern Europe. The most preferable are Cyprus and Greece, followed by Spain, Italy or France. This destinations also offer the most temporary jobs during the summer. People are  used to work as staff in hotels, restaurants or bars. Although this type of job is usually less paid than jobs, for example, in UK or Ireland, many students prefer this opportunity, because they can enjoy the summer and the hot weather beside working.

And which option do you prefer?


7 thoughts on “Summer jobs – an opportunity for European students how to make money and get the new experiences

  1. I agree student summer work is really good opportunity for them, however in this economic situation students looking for a job in this summer are very likely to face hard times for a number of reasons:First of all, statistics report a record high teen unemployment rate under the current economic situation. Secondly, teens face hard competition from highly qualified adults who do the job. Employers hire experienced personnel for positions that would normally be taken by teens. In the current economic conditions, employers try to take advantage of highly qualified adults who possess the experience and are willing to do the job with less money because they cannot get a higher-paid job due to recession. And finally, minimum pay rates are fixed.
    However summer jobs are not good just for pocket money. They are mostly good for building a good resume after graduation. Therefore, it may make more sense to choose an unpaid internship that will add valuable experience over a paid job that adds no value in the resume. In the long run this may prove a good decision. So the another consideration is the experience acquired.

  2. I like this article. For me summer jobs are very important, not only an opportunity to earn money but mainly new experience, travelling, improving the language… Nowadays, there is a huge range of summer job offers, we can find adverts about them everywhere. I would personally prefer holiday resorts, because I can enjoy summer more.

  3. Why not speak about summer jobs… in the home-country ? Students jobs in home-countries use to reflect more local business needs, and can be therefore be better used for future employment.

    It is true that abroad summer jobs offer larger cultural experience, which can also be valuable in an interview. But still, summer jobs in home countries provide more reliable experience, contact people and, sometimes, useful networking for future employment. Knowing that 1/3 job opportunities are fulfilled by networking, it is even more pertinent to build itself a professional network as soon as possible.

    • I have some contra-arguments why don’t stay at home to work during the summer.
      I think when students aren’t tied by some job contract and they have opportunity to leave country for a longer time, they should take this opportunity, because travelling and knowing new cultures “make your personality bigger” and you can compare the ways of living in different countries and maybe you will realize, that your future life could be better somewhere else. Furthermore, for students from central and eastern Europe summer jobs abroad are great opportunity how to make some extra money for better student life, because in western countries they can earn much more than in their own countries. Just for comparison: Student in Slovakia earns usually between 2 and 4 euros…and now tell me how much is student wage in Switzerland…

  4. What I would prefer? for me it depends of what each other think about getting a job during the summer? earn a lot of money, earn money and get some experiences or just earn money and get a little bit experiences and have a lot of fun. Each student has a different idea about that.

    Now offering a summer job abroad, it is always a good opportunity to take. First of all, even we earn less than a real job or a summer job in the country, we can learn a lot about a different culture and different people. Secondly, the experiences are different than at home and it makes us more responsible about ourself. And in the same learn a new language is always good for our skills.

    Those options are all good, it just depends of what we want and what we need.

  5. Going abroad to work for a summer seems like a great opportunity where you can travel while actually making money. I do not believe that it is as nice as it sounds, though. Many times the costs for going abroad (especially when talking about European students going to the USA or Canada) outweigh the money, which can be made on the job. Furthermore, the picture drawn seems to be too romantic. In post-crisis times where the economy still needs to recover and many people are unemployed finding a student job seems more difficult than ever.

  6. Interesting article. It is obvious that summer jobs are such a great opportunity for students. Like stated above, one can not only earn money but also gain valuable experience. For me, it was also a different phenomena. In Korea, it’s not so common work abroad because you need visa and the process is quite complicated (Maybe America is easier than Europe). If I can work abroad like citizens in European Union, I would work every summer in different continents.


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