Adiós España, Hallo Deutschland- Spanish labour Elite in Germany

Due to the high unemployment rate in Spain a lot of highly educated young Spaniards are drawn to Germany- the country of skills shortage.

Officials in Madrid expect a run among young and educated Spanish people to study the German language. More and more young Spaniards are saying ‘Adiós España’ in order to escape their home country, which was struck hard by the economic crisis.

Since it was announced in Spain that Germanys economy is growing fast and is therefore in need of high skilled workers, such as engineers, information scientist, doctors, as well as hotel and tourism experts, tens of thousands of young Spanish people are considering moving to Germany.

This was caused by a campaign, titled ‘In Deutschland arbeiten’ (English: Working in Germany) of the German employment agency in cooperation with the Spanish employment agency. The campaign however, was more successful than anticipated, German language institutes in Spain are overcrowded ( Spaniards need to have at least a B1 level of the German language before their applications may be considered).

This should not be too surprising, as the Spanish unemployment rate is higher than 20%, which makes it since the year 1997 the highest within the European Union. Among young people up to the age of 25, even 42% are unemployed. The majority of university graduate students end up in unemployment or low level jobs.


One thought on “Adiós España, Hallo Deutschland- Spanish labour Elite in Germany

  1. It is well known fact that economy of Germany pulls economic growth of whole EU. I think that not only people in Spain are looking jobs at Germany, job agencies are publishing job offers all around the internet. And they will choose of course the cheapest work force with the best skills that fit for them. We know from past that to England migrate to work first a lot of Slovak people, who were replaced by work force from Poland and it was replaced by people from Romania and Bulgaria because of lowest salary demands. We can find in every theorem about European Union mentioned free movement of its workforce, so it isn’t surprising that people want to catch their opportunity but another question is if EU is ready for this free movement.

    And Spain isn’t careless about possibility of massive outgoing of young and educated people to work aboard. Spain is trying to get from recession and it wants calm down doubts of investors that it won’t need financial help. I read, that Spain is dealing with quite high unemployment rate but experts forecasted that they won’t expect sharp decline unemployment till year 2012, it should remain around actual rate 20,3%. Growth rate of economy should be in 2012 2,3% and 2013 2,4%.


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