Immigrants Workers’s Fate in France

France also known as a “refuge land” tends increasingly towards a closure of the territory, which doesn’t please the trade union who consider this as an “anti-immigration” movement.

Indeed, the French government in full reform, wants to reduce the number of immigrant workers from 200,000 to 180,000. This sudden decision has raised many controversies because the main purpose of this project is, to regulate legal immigration while fighting against illegal immigration.

It all began in 2008 with a law stated that for every region of France, about thirty professions were open to foreigners, except for Tunisia and Senegal which have a broader list of professions authorized.

Nowadays more and more employers hire immigrants people because unemployed french people lack of training, qualifications or professional experience to fill certain job positions.These immigrant workers turn out to be suitable candidates because they represent a quality and cheap workforce. However, “integration is broken” said Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, as 24% of non-European foreigners who are in France are unemployed. Therefore, the French Government intends to reform the labour market by focusing on training the unemployed French nationality people.

On the other side we have the optimistics who claim that the “the majority is integrated”, which shows instead that immigrants are making more and more efforts to fit in. In addition, some datas also show that even with stronger measures against immigration, it may have no impact on the real problem which is unemployment in France.

On the one hand we have, 40% of available jobs in France that appear to be seasonal, these jobs (chefs, servers …) are mostly low paying and not open to immigrants. On the other hand,we have the fact that Job offers exceed the demand. This phenomenon of «overproduction» has led to a total of 250,000 job vacancies without takers. Finally, only 18% of employers that are experiencing this kind of difficulty, appeal to foreigners and 82% of them rely on the training of candidates.

 Only one year last before the next presidential elections. This reform could undermine several French values such as opening and multiculturalism. Nevertheless, the real issue is to know whether or not this measure will solve the problem of unemployment in France, while avoiding a certain form of discrimination?


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