Tunisian migrants land in Italy

In these days we can observe a fact, that everything influences everything. And we can’t be blind to things what happens around. We could think that negative political turbulence in Tunisia doesn’t touch us, but it is no true. It doesn’t affect only our summer holiday, more and more migrants from Tunisia have landed in Italy. It caused that a humanitarian emergency was declared. More than 20 000 migrants Tunisians have reached by boat on an Italian island Lampedusa. All refugees are located to a reception centre.

Currently states are solving problems what occurs: what they should do with thousands flees, how many of them will arrive, where they should be expected, where they will land, how to help them…

Italy has asked other European countries to help. It has complained about “being alone”. EU needs solve this problem together, because, when Italy will say permits to more than 20, 000 Tunisian it would allow them to entre inside the Schengen area and travel freely around the European Union’s visa-free area. The 25-country visa-free Schengen Zone covers most of the European Union, but does not include Britain or Ireland.

Some of the countries in the EU27 are worried that offering protection to too many migrants will encourage more to attempt illegal entry to Europe. All of refugees are illegal, undocumented. And more and more from them are expected also from Libya and Egypt because of the uprisings in these countries.

One of the countries that express its concerns louder is France, because Tunisia is its ex-colony and they predict that many of the French-speaking migrants will head for France. France has closed its border to trains from Italy in an attempt to stop north African migrants from entering the country.

In the near future Tunisian migrants could try to get to Spanish, French coast or Malta, but also countries such Switzerland and Germany are on standby. Romania answered to Italian call for help and stated that it is read to host 200 Tunisian migrants

Malta, an EU island with 400,000 inhabitants, can’t handle a large number of migrants. Germany offered that it would take 100 refugees arriving from North Africa currently in Malta.

Every state protects its own interests, fights each other but is necessary European solution and everyone should cooperate to create it.

Now we are talking about thousands people, undocumented yet, authorities haven’t decided what to do with them and moreover thousands are still coming. EU is working on return of illegal immigrants.

Should EU give them permits to stay, or send them back? Where they should stay, which country/countries accept them? What will be effect on criminality, black work, labour market and other important issues connect with immigration?









5 thoughts on “Tunisian migrants land in Italy

  1. well is the government sleeping ….with this thousands of undocumented migrants ….no they are aware check out today the ratio of unemployment in italy it is 30percent in youth..why is it that they cant get a job ..because of immigrants …who work illegallly for cheap wages …the citizen are benifiting now but they dont know what will happen 5 years down the line ..if government of italy opens a immigrantion for those who are illegally check out the revenue that they will earn not only that competetion would also be seen in labour market but then the tax for foregin workers should be more then the one with citizen …..

  2. And what is the government going to do with all the legal procedures of 20.000 imigrants? Cause that will take a long, long time.. And by the time every procedure is done they can’t send the people back because too much time has went by.. a fault in the system.

  3. From my point of view illegal immigrants from North Africa, Europe-wide couse problems to Italy and other EU countries.
    I think that EU did not prepare for a wave of immigrants, and they can not say that he could not be predicted. Politicians should be prepared in advance of the possibility of such emergencies, which can be foreseen.

  4. It is very difficult to deal with this problem politically. The contrast between rich Europe and the countries, where these immigrants are coming from is so big that people will always try to find a better future in Europe, even if they know that they will be send back immediately and risk their lifes to get here. On the other hand we live in free, modern and open societies, so we cannot just build a wall around our countries. In the future it is very likely that the situation in Northern Africa will get even worse, so a common strategy of the European Union to handle this problem is more than necessary. Italy and Spain cannot deal with this problem on their own. So if there is no common policy in the future, there will be the danger of uncontrolled spreading of illigal immigrants over Europe, which is in nobody’s interest.


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