European Union, Slovenia and immigrants from non-EU

In the EU in 2006 immigrated to around three million foreigners. Among these, 1.2 million or. 40 percent moved from one State to another, or 1.8 million. 60 percent of immigrants has come from third countries, announced the European statistical office Eurostat. Slovenia, the greatest share of immigrants from non-members in the first place.

He further announced today the presentation of the Eurostat European Commission report on the impact of free movement of workers within the EU, most immigrants in 2006 came from Poland (about 290,000), Romania (about 230,000), Morocco (about 140,000) and Great Britain, Ukraine and China (from each of about 100,000).
Member of the Union, which in 2006 immigrated to most foreigners, Spain with 803,000 immigrants, followed by Germany (558,500) and Britain (451,700). These three countries according to Eurostat accepted 60 percent of all foreign immigrants in the EU. In Slovenia, 18,300 people immigrated.

The largest proportion of immigrants to the indigenous population in 2006 was recorded in Luxembourg (28.8 immigrants per thousand inhabitants), Ireland (19.6), Cyprus (18.7), Spain (18.1) and Austria (10.3). Union-wide average (6.2) was also Slovenia with 9.1 immigrants per thousand inhabitants. Less than one foreign immigrants per thousand inhabitants have had Poland, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia.

60 percent of immigrants in the EU in 2006 came from third countries. Immigrants from non-members were in the majority in 17 of the 24 States of the Union, which had the Eurostat data. The largest proportion of immigrants from third countries were registered in Slovenia (90 percent), Romania (86 percent), Portugal (84 percent) and the Czech Republic (83 percent).

In seven States of the Union, the majority of EU immigrants. Among them was the first city of Luxembourg (84 percent), followed by Ireland (77 percent), Germany (57 percent), Hungary and Slovakia (each 54 percent).
In several Member States, most immigrants came from one of the country. In Romania, both in 2006 and 56 percent of all foreigners come from Moldova. A high proportion of immigrants from one country to have recorded the Czech Republic (46 per cent of all immigrants came from Ukraine), Slovenia (43 per cent of all immigrants came from Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Greece (42 percent of immigrants from Albania), is reported by Eurostat.

Main sources: Eurostat and STA


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