The decline of labor procedures required for foreign workers

According to projections by Eurostat in Slovenia can soon expect the labor shortage as early as this year will begin decreasing the number of working-age population between 15 and 64 year. As the population ages, this can lead to long-term unsustainable public finances and a declining economic growth. The policy thus needs to design and management of economic migration, agreed that present at the conference of the European Migration Network, organized by the Ministry of the Interior.

The lack of strategy has also led to the sad stories of migrant workers who witnessed the last months, so they are now different ministries started preparing legislative amendments and additional regulations. Greg Malec from the Ministry of Labour has stated, that the lack of staff working with us over time, replaced mainly by workers from third countries, since the EU’s citizens, subject to free movement, generally do not employ in our country.

Ministry of Labour has already changed the conditions for obtaining work permits for agents. In the past there have been many abuses, foreign nationals of countries including Kosovo, are massive companies establishing themselves and obtain permission for the workers. But then these foreign workers are working in Slovenia, but they went to other EU countries were introduced. Under the new must therefore start a company that wants to get a permit for a foreign representative, to show ownership or leasing of offices and an investment of 30,000 euros to start the business. This was to ensure that they will be signing the employment of foreigners only companies that actually have purpose to operate in Slovenia. Change is also getting a personal work permit, as a migrant worker is no longer necessary to work continuously for two years with the same employer, which may also lead to t. i. slave-owning a relationship, but the condition of at least 22 months of continuous employment with any employer. Control of the employers are tightened, it must, before issuing a work permit to demonstrate that they have paid taxes and contributions for employees

Decisive role in ensuring that events in our labor market will have employment agency that will check the licensing requirements in the market. Otherwise, you in the strategy of economic migration, set on improving communication migrants on business start-ups – which is especially important for the production of highly qualified workers. Will simplify the system of recognition and evaluation of education and skills acquired abroad.

Otherwise, the participants repeatedly stressed the importance of cooperation of state and non-governmental organizations and wider civil society in providing a friendlier environment for migrants and their integration into Slovenian society.

Main sources: Eurostat and MMC


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