«Paris Pionnières», a French company dedicated to Female entrepreneurs

Claire Vinchon, a 30-year-old Parisian decided to challenge herself by creating her own business called “Small IZ Beautiful”. This company aims to establish links between SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) and graduates, thanks to the help of “Paris Pionnières”.

Claire Vinchon like the majority of Parisians, is a working woman. Indeed, a recent study of “Pôle Emploi” (Public Institution for Employment in France), shows that 49.1% of the active population are women. Only 20% of these Parisian women work part time against 31% in other regions of France.

After obtaining her Master in a Business School, Claire Vinchon was hired in an International large company. After 2 years, she noticed that it was not for her. As a woman, her skills were not enough put to good use in that company. This failure led her to start a small business, in order to promote SMEs for college graduates. In fact, most of the time, students tend to aim for large companies for their CV.

Full of energy and motivated, Claire Vinchon launched her project with the support of “Paris Pionnières” . Now, it’s a growing business with new recruits under her responsibility. Surrounded , she feels like playing a real role in her own company. Claire Vinchon also shows an incredible commitment, she is convinced that her business won’t fail and otherwise, she won’t hesitate to create another one with the help of “Paris Pionnières”.

“Paris Pionnières” was born 5 years ago after noticing an inadequate representation of women in corporate leadership. The headquarters of “Paris Pionnières” is in the 11th arrondissement of Paris where women and men shared 500 m², in order to help these women full of ambition. However, the admission to “Paris Pionnières” is not so easy. First of all, the different projects are pre-selected, then they will receive a personalized training for 3 to 6 months to verify the reliability of these projects. Finally, a selected executive committee will decide whether to launch the project or not.

This kind of structure represents a hope for the labor market in France because several studies show that unemployment in France quite important while Women and Youth are most affected by this problem.


2 thoughts on “«Paris Pionnières», a French company dedicated to Female entrepreneurs

  1. much more of this company should be created around the world .. like it says in the article is a hope for all the women! i think its a really interesting project.. that some others companies should take as an exemple. This also true that most of the people want to work in huge company or a famous on to have a good CV… and its also true that when its a woman they dont always give them a chance to evoluate even if they have the same ability as a man! and i think that kind of company is a chance for any woman who wants to create their own things.

  2. It is great news that some women want to improve general situation and create projects like this. I thing that kind of activities should be inspiration for other women that they oughtn’t to give up and take matters into their hands. And other companies also will stop favour men and start to see advantages of women employment.


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