Survey Reveals Ongoing Hiring Optimism

The latest Employment Outlook Survey published by the employment services provider Manpower showed that employers’ hiring plans for the 2Q were the strongest in the emerging markets such as India, Brazil and Turkey compared to developed countries. India has its strongest level since the survey began there in 2005. In contrast, hiring plans from employers in Canada, the U.S., Norway and France, while generally positive, are milder and more demonstrate the diverse intensity of recovery within the global labor market.

The survey found that employers in 33 of 39 countries are more optimistic about hiring for the second quarter. While employers in Greece, Spain, Ireland and Italy reported the weakest hiring forecasts, those in India, Taiwan, Brazil, China, Turkey and Singapore showed the strongest plans.

Hiring plans across the Asia Pacific region continue to be strong. In India leads Manufacturing sector, where 62 % of employers expect to hire new employees in the next quarter. It is surprising that is not Service sector. “However, compared to three months ago, Outlooks are marginally weaker in Singapore, New Zealand, China and Hong Kong. Regional hiring expectations continue to be strongest in India and Taiwan and weakest in Japan.”

Employers in all of the Eastern European countries increase their appetite for hiring compare to 1Q. Bulgaria, Belgium and Poland are expected to be leader in hiring.

Germany has optimistic hiring plans for the Transport/Storage/Communication sector and Belgium in the Finance/Insurance/Real Estate sector.

“Hiring outlooks remain positive to varying degrees across all 10 of the countries surveyed in the Americas region. In the U.S., employers in 10 of 13 industry sectors forecast adding more employees in the quarter ahead compared to three months ago. Regional hiring prospects are most optimistic in Brazil, Argentina and Panama and least robust in Guatemala.”

 Conclusion from this survey was given as unequal speed of recovery.  With emerging markets on one side and on the other side countries like the U.S. and Japan where isn’t hiring talent used at full speed. But good news are that we are still talking about positive increase in hiring, right?



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