Green Skills and Green Jobs in the EU

Green job, or also known as green-collar job, is according to United Nations Environment Program work in different kind of sectors that contributes to preserving or restoring environmental quality. It means jobs that help to protect ecosystems and biodiversity, reduce energy, water and material consumption, decarbonize the economy and minimize waste and pollution.

Number of green jobs is constantly increasing. The world is becoming a place with low-carbon and sustainable economy and that may lead to creation of more green jobs. Nowadays green jobs are created in developed countries as well as developing countries.

European Union has decided to work on low-carbon and resource efficient economy and created a new Europe 2020 strategy. They also designed other strategies about climate changes to achieve their goal and realized importance of green jobs and skills to support their plan. However, there seems to be a lack of strategies concerning development of green skills. European Union examined this situation and found out that member states began to support sustainable growth, but they did not create strategies targeting green skills. The EU identified some gaps in skills of European workers that are mostly in science and technology. However, it means that people do not need overall new training but they can use skills they already have if they adapt. Nevertheless workers also need to learn about basic issues concerning environmental legislation and green management.

To improve skill base European Union recommends coming up with cross-sectored approach to identify skills, stimulate jobs by national and regional government, encourage public-private initiatives, to consider every job a green job and educate children from early age about environmental issues.

During last twenty years green efficiency has developed a lot and new industries have been created. It is not just a hobby anymore; we must do it to save the planet for other generations. Therefore we have to put pressure on constant development, green economy, and green products. If we know what is going to happen with economy, we can figure out what skills we will need and get future workers into right direction.



3 thoughts on “Green Skills and Green Jobs in the EU

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  2. The latest news from the exploded nuclear plant in Japan and the nuclear crisis there show how important the green industry will become in future. Not only in the water and material consumption but also in the sector of the renewable and alternative energy, lies the main perspective. In my point of view, the EU is doing a great job by creating new and sustainable jobs. The future task will be to stop the dependency from nuclear power and to become independent by the usage of alternative sources of energy.
    Surly this attempt is just the first step, but at least it is a step into the right direction and it will support our future generations. The EU is helping with financial support and advice and it can be expected that a number of new jobs will be created by this in future.

    • Nowadays the environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important, meaning there’s a high demand for green products, technologies and services. Green jobs support the economic system and help to raise a long-term quality of life. They offer a lot of benefits such as more energy independence, higher income support, economic revival and much more climate protection. The environmental sector is growing faster and stable than other economic sector, that’s why there is an enormous potential for green jobs and therefore an important perspective for the labor market.


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