Working in China

Due to economic growth and technological progress in China, many people want to be part of the Chinese labour market or even to emigrate there. But how realistic is this dream? What career opportunities exist?

Who wants to live and work in China and has two options. First, you can seek an employer in Europe, with operations in China. There you can learn first their corporate structure and then go to China for this company. Another possibility is a direct job search in China. The first option has the advantage of a Western salary, and usually an apartment and a foreign award is paid by the European company. If you are looking for a job directly in China, you will get a Chinese salary that is probably below the European average. Many companies, such as Siemens or Thyssen are sending employees as expatriates for several years abroad. There is a high number of qualified staff of international companies operate as expatriates in China. This type of stay abroad has many advantages for employees:  there is no exhausting job search, procedures and housing search are covered by the employer, be well trained by the expatriates’ network you can quickly make new contacts. Moreover the costs of language courses will be accepted and the stays are almost always limited in time.

Currently there are good job opportunities for engineers, mechanical engineers, industrial engineers and economists with diverse language skills. The latter are specifically asked if they have special skills such as accounting, because they can be found in this area hardly. Especially in the big cities of the east coast the request for skilled workers is high. Other advantages of cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai are a good quality of living, a stable health system, and much progress in research and science. The knowledge of the Chinese language is advantageous, but not compulsory. In many companies, English is spoken in some even German. The best job opportunities exist for persons who have qualifications in the above mentioned areas. Besides the amazing economic opportunities including the incredible economic development, the upward mobility in the workplace is another advantage. This means that many companies prefer hiring foreigners to help them to compete internationally.

But when you decide working in China you also have to consider the major downsides, such as longer working hours, less vacation or the government regulations which can make it very hard to secure a work visa. What about you? Can you imagine working in one of the fastest growing markets?



One thought on “Working in China

  1. China is most definately an up and coming market and understandably the place to be at the moment. I think the option of getting a European job and progressing to China is most definatley the better option, in my opinion. This is not only because of the benefits named in this blog but also because the culture of China is so different that the job search process would be extremely difficult.
    However if someone wanted to go for the second option and search for a job directly in China they would have to be willing to research the chinese cultures and they way in which they conduct their job search.


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