Europe 2020 strategy and the Dutch point of view.

The Europe 2020 strategy is the long term strategy of the European Union to create a strong and sustainable economy with a lot of job opportunities. This strategy should create a strong and sustainable European economy, that is competitive, social and improves the green jobs. The 2020 strategy builts on the Lisbon strategy from 2001.  And will go over the period of 10 years.

The goals of the strategie:

  1. Employment: 75% of the20-64 year olds to be employed.
  2. More Research and development: 3% of the EU’s GDP should be invested in Research an development. This covers the public and private sectors combined.
  3. Climate change and energy: greenhouse gas emissions 20 or even 30% lower than in 1990. 20% of the energy from renewables.  And a 20% increase of energy efficiency
  4. Education: Reducing school drop-out rates below 10%. At least 40% of the 30-45 year olds completing third year education.
  5. Poverty and social exclusion. The number of European people that live on the border of poverty should be reduced. That’s why we have to get at least 20 million fewer people  in or at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

The goals are being translated into national goals. This way each member state can check on their own progress towards these goals.

The Dutch point of view:
The Dutch cabinet reacted positively on the presentation of the strategy. Especially on the part that covers growth and job opportunity. With as a central point the social and green policy. But the Dutch cabinet had also some critical points of view. There was some resistance against the specials goals for poverty en social exclusion. ‘the best medicine against poverty is work itself’ a point of view from the cabinet.  According to the former premier Balkenende was the struggle against poverty a case for the states themselves and not for the European union.

To reach each goal there are different programmes determined.


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