Global immigrant labour migration

Immigrants are a rising 12 percent of more developed countries labour force. The growth of the global migrant labour force will depend on government labor, enforcement, pension, trade and individual decisions. How should we think about labour migration?

 Most immigrants move from lower to higher income wage labour markets. In the statistics you can see that the high income countries have 60 percent of the immigrants. And there is more variability in the migrants shares in developing countries.

The most common argument in favor of mass-migration is often used by developed country’s with a high self interest: ‘’shrinking labour forces will require reducing pension benefits or adding workers even as rising expenditures on controls aimed at preventing the entry and employment of migrants have not been able to prevent the number of unauthorized or quasi-authorized foreigners from rising. Destination countries should, this argument goes, open more doors for migrants because it is in their economic self interest and would help them to gain more control over migration.’’  Off course there are counter arguments to. Such as: Importing workers is only a So there must be dealt with the current pension systems in combination of longer work lives and a higher work productivity. And if migrants are not integrated into employment, opening more doors for migrants may add to unemployment and dependency. It could also increase irregular migration if sending countries don’t experience rapid economic growth, as more migrants gain contacts and experience that enable them to move abroad.–en/index.htm


2 thoughts on “Global immigrant labour migration

  1. The problem of illegal immigration must be tackled globally. I think they should look for solutions for each country separately, because each faces a specific situation.
    International Organization for Migration must focus more on this subject. They should introduce more stringent measures against illegal migrants. I think it is also necessary principle of solidarity and partnership dialogue with third countries. Only by doing this kind of thing, they can undermine policy on legal migration.

  2. I think the best way to stop illegal immigration is to support they countries. I don´t think that the people want to leave they home country but they don´t have other opportunities. If we help them to become a higher income wage country they would stay ther.


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