Scotland’s Workforce

Unemployment in Scotland is now decreasing. According to official figures, the number of unemployed has declined by 7,000 to 219,000 people. This means that Scotland’s current
unemployment rate is now 8.1%, which is just above the UK’s average rate of 8%. Over a three-month time period, there has also been an increase in employment by
8,000, bring the total number of employed people to more than 2.4 million. Comparing Scotland’s employment rate to the UK’s 70.7% , there has been an increased to 71% over the
last quarter.The Scottish Secretary, Michael Moore said: “I welcome these figures which show falling unemployment and rising employment in Scotland.”

However, although the number of jobless people has fallen this quarter, it is still 10,000 higher than the same quarter this time last year. As a result, The Scottish government have made plans to tackle this problem through their new budgets in order to return “the country to sustainable growth with a balanced economy.” They aim to create more jobs in the private sector by cutting corporation tax,national insurance contributions and regulations. They also plan to make agreements with the high street banks in order to arrange for them to lend more to Scottish companies thus creating more jobs.

It is important that the government takes steps which will benefit Scotland in the long run and continue to lower its rate of unemployment.


One thought on “Scotland’s Workforce

  1. I think that other countries envy Scotland’s falling of unemployment rate 🙂 Because in these days it is rare fact. But what is the know-how of the Scotland, how they did it, i mean decreasing of unemloyment? It is just the trend? Like self recovery of economy or government did any special steps to support employment?


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