Universities in Glasgow under threat

Recent budget cuts in Scotland are proving to be problematic for University education.A number of courses available to students are now under fire to be removed from the education system due to lack of fiances.The University of Glasgow, which is known for its diverse language courses (Polish, Czech, Russian, German and Italian amongst others) is a prime example of this threat.If the government’s plans go ahead, the language courses on offer at this institution will be limited to just French and Spanish. Therefore, this could have a drastic effect on future business relations as it will deprive students of increasing their linguistic skills, leaving them at a disadvantage if they want to be internationally competitive. Other courses in Glasgow university are also under inspection such as social work, adult education and nursing.

Another university to feel the effects of the budget cuts is Strathclyde University which may be forced to shut its art gallery and theater much to the dismay of the public. The university may also severe salary cuts for its staff over the next 5 years due to plans to offset potential cuts in public spending. Figures from their accounts for 2008/2009 show that total staff costs come to 140 million pounds which accounts for 60% of the university’s spending. There has already been a loss of staff after the closure of the Early Retirement and Voluntary Severance (ERVS) scheme in April 2010. The percentage of staff spending is expected to be lowered to 57/58% which left has left remaining staff extremely worried about whether they jobs will be safe.

Another issue is Scottish tuition fees which has caused uncertainty as they may rise in the near future. Fees for universities in England have already risen, and pupils can be charged more than £6,000 per year. This causes panic as future university students fear that they will not be able to afford the costs of higher education. This will result in a decline in the number of students as the only people who will be able to afford to attend will be those whose parents are better off.

Sources: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/higher/glasgow-university-could-scrap-language-courses-because-of-budget-cuts-2270634.html



4 thoughts on “Universities in Glasgow under threat

  1. This is a horrible thought. The fact that Glasgow university has had to cut these diverse language course is not a good sign.
    I totally agree that this does put Scottish students at a disadvantage, when foreign students are almost always at an advantage straight away as many can speak more than one language from a young age! So if Scottish students are being limited even in university this is a definate disadvantage.

  2. I find a number of points mentioned above interesting and vitally important. Firstly I agree that if the language courses available at Glasgow University are cut then of course we are putting Scottish students at a disadvantage. It will result in students which have an interest in the area either being put at a disadvantage when seeking jobs that are international or require additional languages or it could even result in Scotland driving students out of the country to learn languages at other universities. Secondly, I think it is ridiculous that fees in England have now risen to over £6000 per year – how can students honestly afford to go to university! If these fees are also implemented in Scotland then I think we will find a great decrease in the number of Scottish students attending higher education; it will only put ourselves at a further disadvantage.

  3. I find it dissappoiting that budget cut can ifluence students tha hardest. Governments in many countries see education as a way to same some money. But it is sector that actually needs it the most. Students are a future and demand for skilled-workforce is constantly rising. So cutting courses and making education too expensive for students may not bee the brightest idea.

  4. With this Scottish example, I realize how strong are the impacts of the crisis.
    It seems like hard measures are about to be implemented such as budget costs, limitation of courses in Universities, salary cuts, increase of university fees … For me this reform is a bit too strong because a lot of people will suffer from it : students, workers and families.

    I think this is not the best solution to recover from the crisis. Indeed, one drawback will be the fact that students will be less educated and will have less courses choices. With the Globalization, I can’t even imagine an University with only 2 language courses. As a consequence, the government will spend less money on public spending which is very bad cause it can’t motivate people to work or even stimulate them.

    The other problem with this reform is the risk of segregation between rich and “poor” students. The increase of university fees implies a limited access to University and higher degrees, for people that come from medium household income.

    We all know how education is important nowadays, so I just can’t agree with this reform. As a student, I can’t imagine myself facing this situation cause we all have the right to have a good education degree with or without crisis. Moreover, reducing public investments in Education, is a bad solution for me cause it will have repercussions on the Labour market anyway.


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