Are trade schools the solution for the Dutch economic problems?

What are the biggest economic problems off the Netherlands and how can we solve it? This was a question that occupied experts for over 9 months. In the end the search had as result a list with six practical solutions, education and research where the two big winners.

The Dutch government thinks that working is the solution against poverty. But when you don’t have a diploma and a proper education it’s hard to find a job in the Netherlands. To reduce the number of drop-outs in the lower levels of education, the government wants to introduce trade schools. In 2008 there was already 1.5 million euro invested to get the business world involved with the modern trade schools.

The benefits of trade schools are:
– Trade schools encourage the flow trough to higher levels of education.
– On the job market there is a big demand for skilled craftsman.
– Practical education suits the demands of the students and gives them more self-esteem.

The disadvantages of trade schools are:
– The practical education can go at the expense of the theoretical education.
– Practical education can stigmatize the students who can only work with their hands.

However there are also people who disagree with this optional solution. They think there isn’t enough said about the contents of the trade schools. And they are afraid the education is going to be too easy and that it is going to bring the down the general level of education on that level. But at the same time there is a big demand for good skilled craftsman in some sectors (like technicians). And with this kind of education you could reach that demand.

It is interesting to see that the experts try to resolve the problems trough the school benches. The government still hasn’t decided if trade schools are the answer to their economic problems. However it’s is good to see that education and research are the two most important pillars of solving the economic problems.

One thought on “Are trade schools the solution for the Dutch economic problems?

  1. I think that Education is one main problem in Europe. We noticed more and more college drop-outs or children leaving school even if they are obliged to attend school, until a certain age. It’s like students are annoyed with school, because of economic problems some students want to earn money as soon as possible without going to school. On the other side, we can find students that have college degree and cannot find a job that suit their degree. That’s why I think governments should motivate students and make them trust in school benefit.

    For me, trade school can present a lot of advantages for people that are tired of learning and prefer the practical side. Indeed, these students will only learn about their specialization skills in order to find a job easily. With trade schools, students will be able to see the finishing line of their studies because they will only get useful skills. Moreover, I think that most of trade school programs are very short so for me this is another element that can motivate students.

    I believe that trade schools are a good alternative to College or Business Schools that are expensive. However, I don’t know if it will completely solve the problem of college drop-outs.


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