Average wages in Czech Republic and differences in particular spheres

Many countries have problem with leaving labour force behind better salary conditions. Even Czech Republic is not the exception. In previous months culminated problem inside the public health and many doctors were in strike or even leaving to neighbouring countries like Germany and Switzerland. The average wages is not so low but problem is in differences among sectors. So the question around the average wages is the big topic in Czech Republic.

In the 4 quarter of 2010 the average gross monthly nominal wage per full time employees in the whole national economy grown by 0,9% compared with the same period previous year. The real wages dropped by 1,2%. The total size of wage decreased by 0,3% and the number of employees decreased by 1,2%. In the business sphere the average nominal wage increased by 2.1%, in real terms has stagnated. In the non-sector declined in nominal terms by 3.9%, in real terms by 5.9%.

As you can see the numbers moved mostly in negative direction. It can be still the effect of slowly heating economy, which was pushed down crisis. Czech Republic is longer period still in recession and can´t come up. The budget deficit is every year deeper and conflict in particular goverment parts is not contributing to solve the situation.

The average monthly wage amounted 25,803 CZK (1053 EUR), it is growth about 239 CZK ( 9,75 EUR) (0.9%) like in the same period of 2009. This is the lowest growth in average wages since the beginning of comparable time series in 2000. For the illustration the country with highest average wage is Norway with 4441 EUR monthly and the Spain has two-time more around 925 EUR. (according the statistical dates from year 2008) So in coutries are very big gaps which create the standard of living.

Consumer prices in the fourth quarter of 2010 compared to the same period last year increased by 2.1%, real wages fell by 1.2%. This is contradictory derection, across the wage is falling the prices are growing. This is deeping another problems in the area of mortgages for example. Because every year increases the height of insolvency per every resident of Czech Republic.

In the business sphere the average wage increased of 536 CZK (21,8 EUR) (2.1%) on 25 660 CZK (1047 EUR). In the non-business sphere the average wage fell by 1 074 CZK (43,8 EUR) (3.9%) on 26 422 CZK (1078 EUR).

Average nominal wage has the biggest decrease in the sphere “education” about 5.8%, in “banking and insurance system” about 4,7%, in “public administration and defense, compulsory social security” about 3,5%.

The highest growth was recorded in “agriculture, forestry and fishing”  about 8.1%, in “water supply, activities related to waste water, waste management and remediation” about 7.3% and in “accommodation, catering and hospitality” about 4.5%.

So the averaga wages in Czech republic noted differencies in spheres and is sensitive on every change in economy. Czech Republic generaly belong between states with lower average wage.

Sources: http://www.czso.cz/csu/csu.nsf/kalendar/aktual-pmz

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