Child labour in India

Regarding to the UNICEF – “United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund” – around 158 million children aged between 5-14 years are engaged in child labour. But regarding to ILO the total number of child labourer worldwide is more then 300 Million. That means, that 1 in 6 children in the world is forced to work in manufactories, on plantations, in stone quarries, as carpet weaver or as a personal slave.

With about 12.6 million children engaged to child labour, India has the largest number of child labourer under the age of 14 in the world. Most of the children work on cotton plantations or in stone quarries. Although that child labour in India actually is forbidden since 1986, the kids still get exploited from the dominating textile and stone industry.

There are 2 main problems why child labour still exists in India. One factor is a forlorn vicious circle existing of the extremely high poverty rate, an insufficient social-system, missing education and exploitation. About 37 % of India’s population live under the poverty line. For numerous families child labour is the only way to survive. But most of the people don’t recognize that poverty actually is the consequence of child labour. Children, who have to work, cannot go to school. And as they have no education, they have no prospect on a better live and neither their children will have. In addition, special religious views and the caste system make it more difficult to dispose child labour in India.

The second main problem is the economical disequilibrium of our world. For example the European Union exports lots of different goods to India. If the EU forbids the import of Indian child labour products, the logical consequence would be an import-stop of European products to India. India would refuse the import of western products. Of course, this would harm the European economy. For example, imagine what would happen to Germany, which is known as the country with they highest export rate. So, that’s why there are still no laws, which forbid the import of child labour products. At least the UNICEF and some other organization could manage that the European Union implemented certificates for products, which are 100% free of child labour. So, now it’s up to the companies and of course also to us if we buy child labour products or not.



7 thoughts on “Child labour in India

    • That children work under dangerous and exploitative conditions makes me very angry. I think it’s not that easy to stop child labour in some countries/areas, because often there’s the problem that the parents earn very little or have no work and their children have to work to survive. In any case, forced labour, violence, and exploitative labour should be prevented and punished. In my opinion every child has the right to education and it’s a fact that children should not be used as cheap labor. And by the way, a 9 year-old is not in puberty neither should work part-time.

  1. Yeah it is very serious problem, and when we want to solve it, we need to have resolute opinion in it. Against it! But it is necessary begins from yourself, child labour exist because of costs saving. People dont want to pay too much for clothes and other things. I dont buy fair trade things also so we need all change mind and start pay real cost for things

  2. This issues that India faces with child labor is a horrible thing. Children working in dangerous conditions has to be stopped. Better living conditions is a start on turning this catastrophe around.

  3. I think child labour is one of the worst things ever. The childern don´t get a chance to be child they have to work and are like adults. Not only the past ist bad for them even the future. They often can´t go to school because they have to work. So they never will get a good job where they earn enough money for the hole family because they don´t have the education. The result of this ist that when they grow up and get childern the childern of them have to worke too because the parents don´t earn enough money for the hole family.

  4. this article is very interesting! it make me personally so angry to read something like that! it should be forbidden to let a child working. there is time for everything in life.. and in this case they are the are missing one step of their childwood! im agreed with the article saying that if india is still a poor country its because children dont have any chance to get education! i think its our duty, european citizen and from the world to fight against child labour! if any people in this world who have a common sense should not buy anything from child labour. and to conclude im not agreed at all with amatullah11 concerning his comment. a child is a child even if he got puberty…until he/she is able to take judicious decision.

  5. This article is interesting but also alarming. But everybody in the world has to fight again this problem. We just have to ignore these companies which have contacts to child work. Many people in the world do not care about where the products they are using were produced. They just want to have every time the best price without thinking about this problem. And who knows the original figures about child work?!


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