Immigration in Global Labour Market

Immigration is a highly debated and discussed subject . According to official figures, the number of people who have chosen to immigrate has doubled over the last 50 years and there is now an estimated 190 million immigrants world-wide. Contrasted with the 82 million people in 1970, this highlights just how large this phenomenon truly is. There are a number of reasons why people may immigrate such as they may wish to find better opportunities in life and move voluntarily or due to conflict in their own country, they have been forced to leave. It would most likely be more industrialized countries which they would move to.

There is much opposition towards immigration which can be broken down into 3 general issues :

1. Economic costs – Locals feel that migrants are taking jobs from them and are angered by the amount of benefit handouts which they receive

2.Negative environmental Impact – an example would be accelerated population growth

3. Distortion of national identity

Although there is opposition against immigration, people fail to see the benefits which the receiving country would gain such as :

1. Immigrants would be more willing to fill jobs which had previously been unwanted by the locals

2. Migrant workers would work for longer hours at a lower rate, although unfair for them, would benefit the country which they worked in

3. An increased in skilled workers who are well-educated resulting in an increased talent pool. For example, this would benefit Europe as there is a greater skill shortage due to falling birth rates.

4. There would be a younger workforce available as immigrants would bring their children and younger relatives with them.

5. Improved standard of living

Therefore, there would be an improvement to the economy. An example of this would be United States of America which is the world’s biggest economy and is made up mostly of immigrants who have come from Mexico and Latin America. This highlighting the importance of immigrants for the global labour market.


2 thoughts on “Immigration in Global Labour Market

  1. Immigration is an extremely ticky subject. As you have pointed out there are many positives and negatives associated with immigration.
    I feel it is a positive thing.. especially from a culturaly point of view.
    I think people should embrace people from different backgrounds and cultures coming to their countries as try and learn from them just as the immigrants will surely want to learn from them.
    A drastic downside to immigration is it opens the door to racism, which is never a good thing!!

  2. Well, wheather immigration is good or bad depends on point of view, but the fact is that is it necessary. Europe needs 56 million immigrants by 2050. Without them, Europeans will not be able to keep their living standard. But immigration have to be legal. Any attempts of illegal immigration needs to be stopped. EU is trying to fight it using better policies against illegal employment, strenghthening border securities and enforcing other measures.


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