Support for the unemployed Czech Republic vs. Europe

Many people often complain that the state wants to keep them just to pay taxes and when they are in distress and by then the state will not help with anything. One of these cases, even unemployment. Consequently, there are theoretically entitled to all who lose their jobs and meet the legally defined conditions (on how to set the conditions for receiving unemployment benefits is now want to consider if you want to know about it so they should look for unemployment benefits or who entitled to unemployment benefit.)

– average unemployed support
The following chart you can see, how are the other countries in Europe to support their unemployed. The chart is relatively easy to see that the CZ on the support is not so bad. But first a little explanation of the numbers that you see here.
In every country in the EU have slightly different rules for determining unemployment.Sometimes it is even so that the aid is subject to taxation and payment of social security or health insurance as a normal wage. To get the CZ aid from other crashes.
Sometimes it also provides support for the average net wage, or not at the average gross wage. In the following chart, these figures are consolidated and the amount of aid across the EU expresses how much% is support in this country due to the average net wage.:

What is the average unemployment benefit abroad (Europe, EU) against the local average net wage.
Support unemployment CZ VS. ABROAD
The graph thus says nothing about how many people actually get abroad, it is clear that if, for example in Norway, the average wage of more than 100 000 CZK (4 150 EUR), the amount of aid will be different than the national average where the average gross wage of only 25 803 CZK (1070 EUR).
What does this imply? The CZ is a relatively high level of support given to what the average income of the population. The second thing is that that the average income reaches the poverty of one third of the population and thus support for the unemployed for the remaining 2 / 3 CZ population is somewhere else than the average.



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