Glasgow Works – Employability Programme

Despite Glasgow enjoying the fastest growth rate in jobs in the UK since 1995, it still suffers from lower employment rates than both the Scottish and UK averages. Increased pressure on employment due to the recession has resulted in a further 10,000 people on job seekers allowance. Glasgow works, is a programme which was developed in 2007 with the aim to get people off benefits and into employment. Their employability programme has been set out to address the labour market challenges in Glasgow and supports 5 main target groups: clients on incapacity benefits, ethnic minorities, lone parents, more choices more chances and long-term unemployed.

The programme began in mid 2008 and will run until mid 2011. Half way through the delivery of the programme Glasgow works was celebrating its success so far. As report by Glasgow City council, in one year Glasgow works had succeed in getting 1200 long-term unemployed people into jobs, something which can often be a long, difficult and frightening process. By the end of the programme in 2011 they aim to have increased this figure to 3000.

Importantly, Glasgow works not only assist people getting into the labour market but also gives them support to remain in employment. The latter something which lacked in employment programmes in the past. Furthermore, they also work closely with the city’s employers such as Strathclyde police and Hilton hotels among others, in order to provide the unemployed with better opportunities to gain employment. Support is offered in terms of mock interviews, application form completion help and general employment advice.

Glasgow works has been credited by various members of Glasgow City council for their work and all in the entire programme is going from strength to strength. Support is provided to the unemployed on various levels and continuous hard work is resulting in more unemployed people move towards and into employment.

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