Glasgow’s Technology and Information Centre

In March 2011 news was released on plans to build a technology and innovation centre. This state-of the art centre is set to cost £89 million. It is being designed to dramatically change the way in which universities, businesses and industries work together. The specific areas which will be focused on are energy, engineering and pharmaceuticals, this should help ensure that Scotland will lead the way in innovation with these sectors. The centre is situated at the University of Strathclyde one of Glasgow’s older and prestigious universities.

The project is in partnership with Scottish Enterprise new International Technology and Renewable Energy zone, and will create 7000 new jobs and support 850 existing jobs. This centre will help to strengthen both Strathclyde universities status for research excellence and also Scotland’s position as a world leader in innovation.

Alex Salmond, the first minister of Scotland is fully behind this project saying things like,

“The TIC project proves again that our Universities, Scotland’s Funding Council and Scotland’s enterprise agencies and Scotland’s industry are key drivers of innovation and competitiveness in our energy sector and R&D support in Scotland.”

This project also come in line with the Euro 2020 strategy, although it is an EU target, one of the targets for the strategy is innovation and R&D. The aim is that 3% of all the EU’s GDP, both private and public combined, is to be invested in innovation and R&D. This surely shows that Scotland is trying to come in line with these goals with this centre, especially with the amount of money that is being put into it.

To hear some more of Alex Salmond’s comments and to see more on the development of the centre take a look at this video:

Also to read more on Glasgow’s new Technology and Innovation Centre:

To read more on the Euro 2020 Strategy:


One thought on “Glasgow’s Technology and Information Centre

  1. I think it is good that they build a science centre, it´s a good opportunity to create jobs, get more attention to Scotland and suits the 2020 strategy. But i think it´s a bit too much to say that it will help Scotlands position as world leader of innovation..


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