Labour Economics ”The EU on the immigration trail ”

I personally think that immigration is a very difficult case for the European Union-cabinet and all the countries that are individually involved with this matter. There are to much factors that are important and because of that , its very difficult to manage the immigration from a EU- state of mind. Thats why I think that every country should have their own clear laws about immigration. Some countries are trying to gain high educated people for the gaps that are in theyr labour-market. But at the same time there are people with less education trying to get in to the EU. Maybe there is a solution by working with the countries where people are comming from and setting some standards for the people that want to be  a EU citizen.


2 thoughts on “Labour Economics ”The EU on the immigration trail ”

  1. Countries want citizens that can contribute to a better economy. Countries want their people to have jobs and buy houses to better the economy. What about the immigrants that are disabled or simply don’t want to work but also want a better life for themselves? Does this just add to the poverty within your own country? From my perspective, it seems that immigrants can’t do much more harm to a country like my own (The United States) because many of our lower class workers are living on high interest credit cards and living on welfare when it’s not absolutely necessary in the first place. There are always pros and cons to most situations and excepting uneducated or disabled immigrants into a country is just example of this.

  2. I think it is very difficult to find a solution that everybody is satisfied. It is normal that each country takes care of themselves. They want foreigners with high skills and not those who want mony from the government. It is normal that people want to emigrate if they don´t have opportunities in thery country. Sometimes they don’t have any other possibility because they earn so less money in they home country that it is not enough to live.


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