Main Features of European Labour Markets

The European Labour is a term used to describe the demografic situation of the labour market in europa. Besides the demografic situation this term covers all the systems and regulations of the labour workers in Europe.  The most important aim is to take care of the free movement of the workers within the European Union, and to manage the regulations and forms of the European Labour Market.

Because this is on another level then the national level of each european country, the objectives are also very different. When we take a look at the national level of the labour market the main subject of each country is to make sure their own employers have work and that all the industrial.

Since the expension of the EU there has been alot of changes in the regualtions of the labour market in Europe. The first big change that has been noticed is the large amount of women taking part of the labour workforce. Besides that, Migration has a very important role in the European Labour Market. The free movement that has been inspired by the expension leads to change in national and ethnic profile of the labour market. Along the great migration came also a quite big change in terms of regulation in the labour market.

Noweredays the european union has alof of problems to solve,besids the migration and the illegal immigrants, we are also living in a financial crisis. But the main feature for the labour market in europe now is to manage the great shift of east-europeans coming to work in the west of europe. This is very important because this fact is positive for companies but not for the native people who are loosing their jobs because there are much more cheaper polish or romanians coming to ”steel” their job. The european union needs to regulate this problem first in order to creat a much better and more stabile labour market.

The forgein labour force is not a all-negative fact, this is because, for example the aging problem in west-europe is getting to be a very important factor in the labour market. So the people that come from the east to west could be able to fill in the gapes. But this is not allways possible, because it depents what kind of sector is having problems with finding employees. Sectors that need high educated people, will not find alot of confort because the most east-european workers come to the west to do hard labour, for example as painters or construction workers. So I think that the european union should work on a program that helps fill in the gaps and at the same time give people the chance to educate them selfs better. For example companies could quarantee employees a change of growing in their work and give them space to grow. By doing this alot could be prevented, from illegal workers to bad labour market managing.


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