Netherlands has the most Part-time workers in Europe

Tuesday, 5th of April 2011, Dutch Daily news present us an important news article, about part-time workers in the Netherlands. The Netherlands stands lonely at the top with almost 50% of the Dutch working population.  Sweden comes second with only 26% part-time workers and Germany on third with 25%. On average not even one in five people work part-time in the European Union (CBS, Central Bureau of Statistics of the Netherlands).  Especially, the part-time workers increased since the 15 years. Twenty-five percent of the working population worked part-time in 1993. That’s a lot lower than at the moment. The Dutch government reached with this an important guideline.

The Netherlands takes the lead especially with women. Seventy-five percent of working women from the age of 15 to 65 years old work part-time. “In all other EU countries 50% of women have a full-time job”. That means that one in three women in the EU works part-time (see article). When we look to males in the Netherlands, they tell us that one of the four males is working part-time. That’s a lot. Especially young males are working part-time with 62%. Dutch men in Europe are leading in part-time work. The Danish and Swedish men are second with 12%. I think that the highest rate of part-time working by males is because the Netherlands is a feminine country. That means that women are more important than in a lot of other countries.

The figure shows us the rates compared to other important countries in Europe.

Source: OECD, 2009

My question to you: what is your opinion about the high rate of part-time workers?



2 thoughts on “Netherlands has the most Part-time workers in Europe

  1. I think it is quite interesting that the Netherlands have such a high number of part-time workers. Especially the fact that there are so much male employers with part-time contracts is really surprising. But I’m wondering why this is the case? What is so different on the dutch labour market than on others? And what exactly does it mean, that women in the Netherlands are more important than i lots of other european countries? Regarding an article of the politic forum – – the main reason for this high number of part-time workers is the huge lack of employers. Another reason is the still deeply fixed archetype of women as mothers and housewives.

  2. A big factor which contributes to the fact of high part-time employment is that the Netherlands is a feminine country. This means that there are no clear roles for and woman, both genders can work and both can be housewives / houseman. This way a lot of modern families have both parents working for 3/4 days a week and the rest of the time they spent as parent / housewife (/man).

    This is not just in the Netherlands, its also clearly visible in Scandinavian countries, which are ‘feminine’ as well. In more masculine countries the amount of part time workers is thus lower because man are destined to work and woman to work at home.


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