Youth unemployment in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Since a few years, there are many problems with young people. Young people are leaving school too early and they don’t have a job. At the moment, there are many projects in the most important cities in the Netherlands. One of them is Rotterdam. Rotterdam is a very important place in the Netherlands, with a lot of employment, but when young people leave their school, it is impossible to work.

The project for that people is called ‘workfirst’. ‘Workfirst’ is an initiative of the Dutch government and some social organizations. This project is a success. More than three-quarter of the young people has a certificate at the moment. Dorine de Koning from cleaning service Roteb said that the project will be expanded, because the success of the project. ‘We are very surprised with the successful results of the ‘Workfirst’-project. That’s why we will expand the project.’ The expanding of the project means that there will be more place for young people to help them. There is place for 83 young people, at the moment, but in the future there will be place for 25 extra young people (108 people in total).  Since November last year, there are 63 young people finished with the project. Thirty-two of them has already a job or are back to school.

Many young people in Rotterdam are thinking that it is easy to take subsidy from the government, but it isn’t that easy as they think. There are enough places in the labour market and they have to search for a job. The workfirst-project will help them to have a pattern of work. It is also good for the experience of the young people. But there is more than only the fact that they learn to have a pattern of work. The young people have also a language-course, training in discipline, and a lot of work experience. I wish all of them a good and successful life!!

SOURCE: Jeugdnetwerk, the Netherlands.

2 thoughts on “Youth unemployment in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

  1. I think they should give the younger people a lesson in the Dutch social security system. Then they will see that it is more rewarding when you work, you will get more money.
    But i think it´s a good system to get drop-outs back to school.

  2. For sure youth unemployment is a serious and most common problem. Projects such as the mentioned “workfirst” will surely help young people to find their place in the labour market. But seen by light, the number of places is insufficient for the large number of young people without jobs. As above noted , there are currently 83 places. Just a multitude of such projects will change the situation significantly. It is a good idea to support young unemployed people by projects like the “workfirst” but cleaning jobs are generally less well paid and quiet exhausting for the body, so that only a few, will be able to keep up the job until they are 67 years old.
    Another possible solution could be set up program in order to stop young people to leave school too early. Young people will only succeed on the labour market if they are well trained and educated. Higher Education will give them the possibility to earn more money and live a life which is suitable for their capabilities. By that they have the choice which job is more appropriate for them.


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