Is the British labour market going to recover?

A new study claims that the British labour market is on the very long way to its recovery. Interviews with national employers and recruitment consultants have revealed that last December the jobs in Britain have increased if to compare to the previous months. Even though the labour markets recovery is still up in the air and it is uncertain people are not loosing hope.

Last year more than 80% of the jobs created in Britain went to immigrants actually, and it is a huge number. Last December the demand of temporary workers have increased. The biggest increase of jobs was of computer specialists, engineers and accountants.

If to compare the facts, apparently in the previous year 210 thousand of people were employed, but 173 thousand of them were not British, so this means fewer than one in five of British people. And this is even with a country having a huge number of 2.5 million unemployed. These numbers can demonstrate the importance of foreign immigration control in UK and as well that there should be the need to raise UK workers skills so that they can seek for jobs. There are many things in a need of a huge improvement in the country.

Analysts argue that job creation is the most merit for the private sector. However, it is noted that the labour market is now still in a critical stage. It is not known what effect it will have on labour market when the cutting of government spending policies will be introduced and when the TAX rate will increase. What kind off impact all of it will have on the market nobody can predict and the future is not so clear yet.

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One thought on “Is the British labour market going to recover?

  1. Uk should have a stronger and better Immagration control because british citizens searching for work are increasingly being ignored with immergrants looking for work and being able to work for a smaller wage than britains would ask or who are qualified. Also goverment should invest more into skills for people unemployed to help them with every chance of work.


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