European Labor Market

The European labor market refers to the function of the labor force within the European Union.  Much of the migration within the European labor market has to do with migration of workers and a large fraction of those migrants are female coming into the work force.  Along with the expansion of gaining more member states, the European Union changed as well, to adapt to the various ethnic groups within.  To obtain a better economy, the European Union put in play a strategy called the Lisbon Strategy of 2000 to fulfill the EU with more jobs and them together.  This was a ten year strategy that was designed to make the EU more of a challenge and forceful in the economy of the world. This objective was soon replaced by another when it was not followed out fully correct.

By 2010 there was a new policy called Europe 2020 Strategy that has the same goals as the Lisbon Strategy but this focuses on the five main areas to improve Europe within 10 years.  These five main points are employment, innovation, education, social inclusion, and climate and energy.  This strategy was placed to correct the damage that has been done from the crisis.



One thought on “European Labor Market

  1. Interesting to know that the Europe 2020 Strategy has a small difference with the Lisbon Strategy. The differences are the five main areas. Maybe the areas helps to make the goals real. In my opinion, the Europe 2020 strategy is important to make the situation better in many countries. Ofcourse, the question is if it is possible to make the goals real, because is there enough money for it? Especial after the economic crisis in countries like Greece and Portugal?


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