Professions in demand

Future brings a fun and very interesting in terms of occupation, the top will form a new, yet unknown business that will appear in the context of technological and scientific advances. For example, is already being discussed loudly nano-technology and biomedical large and untapped potential, so it is entirely likely that soon the required professions to become directly with science-related professions, such as: the artificial organ technician or a space pilot. Such extravagant expectations expressed in the company “Fast Future”.

America, which is essentially determined by the total world demand for professionals, on the important occupations for subsequent years are determined by programmers, which is due to the online environment and social media in rapid development, employment specialists and caregivers. Also, green lifestyle will affect the popularity of professional issues, with special emphasis on environmental experts.

But what the situation is now? Overall, a marked increase in labor demand. As reported ‘Eurostat’ data requested and feel the labor shortage in crafts and industry. In the field of technology the situation has not changed. In demand as a top-occupation is disclosed in the financial staff, a variety of vendors and demonstrators, as well as care workers and health professionals. For this year’s most pressing occupations are recognized physical therapists, sales professionals and store managers.

‘Europe’s 2020 strategy’ has developed new skills and jobs program, which provides for a European monitoring edition of vacancies and the European Workers’ Mobility newsletter. These publications are disclosed recent developments in the labor market and analysis of vacancies. These data and materials can be especially helpful for young people whose future profession has been choosing and composing


4 thoughts on “Professions in demand

  1. In my opinion the most lucrative positions in near future will be in IT. For a few years now it is the fastest developing industry and there is huge demand for qualified workers in this sector. There is also going to be demand for healthcare workers as our population is getting older and people will require more care. Also energy industry will need qualified personnel, especially in research for alternative resources and energy efficiency. Last but not least, I think that number of people working in services is going to rise because of growing population.

  2. Now days, with the recession at our nose, we all want to be more careful with the way we choose jobs. Saving and spending money has become something that we pay more attention to and the job industries are thinking more about saving time, reducing the costs of things, doing things faster and having multiple uses for things that in the past we would have not thought twice about.

    I believe the health care industry will be a large area that will grow rapidly in the near future. With the number of older people growing, there is a greater need for health care providers like in home nurses and nursing home workers.

    Another area of growth in the work industry is that to do with hotels and restaurants. With more Americans working longer hours and wanting to travel more, they want to find cheap hotels and places to eat.

  3. This article relates very much so to The Green Economy Initiative. It looks at the outlook of years to come and how green jobs will be the leading jobs in 2020 onwards. I can see how the climate change will start to take effect on our environment as it has already caused many changes and world disasters. It would also benefit education and encourage people to go back to education as this is were the jobs are going to be for the future. It holds a positive feeling that the financial crisis is not only be a negative happening but their is positives to come out of it as well.

  4. There is a huge demand for teachers, medical scientist and engineers in my country. (Germany) I also agree with luba11, the IT industry and the energy industry will create a lot of jobs in the future. In addition to specialists in the energy, health and technology sectors, managers also are in demand – a nearly one in five job search is directed at managers. Also wanted are professionals in publishing and arts, as well as advertising and marketing professionals.


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