United States Labor Market

Like many countries, immigrants are a large part of the labor market in the US. In 2004 approximately one in seven workers was immigrants and a large quantity of that percent was immigrants from Mexico. Another aspect of the US labor market is the rapid aging population. The recent aging population in the US has decreased the growing labor force and is said to continue this trend in the coming years.

The labor force is the total people employed and unemployed. There are two key signs to the United States labor force which are unemployment and labor force participation rate. Unemployment, which is the percentage of people in the labor force without a job, shows the inattentive area in the labor market. The participation rate is the total of people that are willing and able to have a job, the people that are “participating” in the work force.



Bade and Parkin. Foundations of Macroeconomics. Columbus, Ohio: Pearson Education, 2011.


2 thoughts on “United States Labor Market

  1. Aging population is the global problem, not just in United States, but whole world have to think of this question. This topic represent a big theme. I can´t imagine how have the world change for making this situation better. It has to be elaborate project, but very detailed and easily adaptable in different conditions. It is the question of multiyear progress. But this question have to solve definitely as soon as possible.

  2. I want to say that the situation in the U.S. labor market for some time will be tight. While the economic indicators shows growth and recovery, and the government pursued an aggressive fiscal policy by issuing money, unemployment rates are not decreased. It is estimated that it will remain for the next two years, or will not fall below 8% by 2013. Year. United States are called upon to develop unemployed security systems.


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