79,2 % of the requests of working authorization concern inhabitants of the border zone (in Geneva)

To estimate the effects of the free movement of people on the labor market of Geneva, a group, which bring together the State and the social partners, has just gave the results of the working requests of Geneva. This survey showed about 1280 requests of work permit. The First observation of this market research, 79,2 % of the requests of a working authorization concern border employees. The remaining 20,8 % emanate from foreign employees who live in the canton.
1105 requests, that is 86,3 % of the cases, were not the object of remarks of the social partners. On the other hand, 93 forms (7,3 %) did not mention the wage or the working time. Finally, 82 cases (that is 6,4 % of the cases against 5,9 % in March, 2010) are considered by the Supervisory board of the market of the employment as important problematic cases from the point of view of the respect for salaries.
5 sectors in which we count most requests are: the services (22.4 %), the temporary work (20.8 %), the hotel business, the restoration(catering) (9.4 %), banks, fiduciary (7.7 %) and building(ship) (6.7 %)



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