Factors influencing global labour market

Demographic trends: Labor market have to adapt the situation in few next years, when the amount of graduate people will visibly goes down. In many cases the labor market does not obtain adequate compensation for workers, who will go in the pension.The labor market will be missing workers for a growing range of professions. At the same time, employers will have to adapt business processes in the actual job description for each employment situation among the employees, the age of employees have be mostly around 50 years and they will create the main part of workers.

Population age in years 2009, 2020, 2030

Sociocultural factors: One consequence of this trend is the changes in the structure of graduates in education. Even in a “short period” (2009-2014) will decline the number of graduates of apprenticeship without GCE examination “A” Levels (their share in the total number of graduates will be reduced to 11%), but the number of graduates with tertiary education will increase to 59%.

SSbM- secondary school without GCE examination “A” Levels, SSsM- secondary school with GCE examination “A” Levels, VŠ- High school

Trends in investment and outsourcing:

Global trends in the allocation of capital

Brown line: localization of the reasons given above cost, Green line: localization given especially efforts to move closer to customer markets

Sources: http://budoucnostprofesi.cz/


One thought on “Factors influencing global labour market

  1. The problem with lack of workers is bothering developed countries for a few years now. There is a fear that in few years there won’t be enough workers to contribute to retirement pensions. European countries try to solve this problem by opening their labor markets for people from developing countries or countries that are not members of EU. For example, Germany needs about million workers to work in industries and science, Spain needs them to work in agriculture and so on.


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