Labor market Index in Czech Republic

Introduction: The Manpower company is a world leader in the area of innovations in solving solutions around human resources. They create and provide services that enable them clients to succeed in the ever-changing labor market.

Within the Manpower Employment index labor market for the second quarter of 2011 were all participants of selected representative sample 751 employers in the Czech Republic put the question “Which changes do you expect on the total number of employees in your company in the following quarter to the end of June 2011 compared with the current quarter? ”

The result: Employers in the Czech Republic started to be optimistic: 7% expected increase in the workforce, 3% predicted reduction in the workforce and 87% of employers does not make any changes. Based on these data shows a Net Labor market index for the Czech Republic for the second quarter of 2011 the value of +4%. Compared with the previous quarter the index strengthened by significant 9 percentage points, as well as in year on year compare and is the most positive value for the last 3 years after the economic crisis.

We get the Net Labor index, if we from the percentage of employers, who expect the growth of man-power, subtract the amount of employers, who on the contrary expect the decline of number man-power.Value of this net differencecan be positive or negative.

The positive evolution, which is visible from the second half of year 2010 on Germany market has finally arrived to the Czech Republic. The evolution of the Czech labor market reacts with half year delayed than Germany labor market.

Explanatory notes from the picture: nárůst-growth, pokles-decline, bez změny-no changes, neví-don´t know, čistý index trhu práce- Net labor market index


One thought on “Labor market Index in Czech Republic

  1. So we can expect that Czech labour market is recovering after economic crisic very well.Ive also read that the most positive index is expected in Finance, insurence and other services sectors.


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