More flexible Labour Code in Slovakia

The labour market in Slovakia´ll be in few months again a little bit looser. Part of the strict directions and prohibitions at Labour Code will be replaced by voluntary agreement between employers and employees.

Lower cost of recruitment and dismissal of the staff, freer conditions on the chaining of employment contracts of limited duration or restriction of competencies of employees representatives should save time and money that can be used to further development of business and job creation.

International comparison, which was carried out several years ago by Business Alliance of Slovakia, clearly confirmed that flexible Labor code improves quality of  business environment and reduces poverty in the country. Thus, if we agree that we should help to the poorest people, so in addition to the social benefits, they should be given in particular more flexible labor market to have a higher chance of finding suitable job and possibly opportunity to make their living.

International comparisons also showed that several areas of labour relations, which are now strictly regulated by law inSlovakia, are resolved by informal relationships between employers and employees and by collective bargaining at enterprise level abroad. The previously published information indicates that there should be created more room to conclude individual and collective agreements inSlovakiain near future.

Due to the amendment of Labour Code employers will benefit especially from lower costs of employing people. This should consequently increase their willingness to create standard jobs. Employees and unemployed can therefore expect progressively more jobs, better working conditions, stronger growth in wages and growth of living standards.

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2 thoughts on “More flexible Labour Code in Slovakia

  1. The new Labor Code should be valid from September, but it is still not sure what it will look like then. Final version is still changing due to the pressure of employers. Even Slovakian Minister of Economy Miskov is on their side. On the other hand employees are putting pressure on Prime minister to help their cause. Whether any substantial changes will occur is unknown.

  2. In my opinion, a more flexible labour code will have a positive effect! When the labour code is not flexible, companies take care to take people to there company. When it is easier to dismiss people in for example an economic crisis, companies are more open for new employees. When companies are more open for new employees, there are more chances for poor people as for ‘normal’ people.


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