Swiss labor market: Neuchâtel and Geneva champions of the unemployment

The unemployment in Switzerland reached in December 2009 its highest rate since March, 1998. The unemployment figures increased from 8790 to 172 ‘ 740. The unemployment rate progressed of 0,2 point compared with November. Neuchâtel and Geneva are the most struck cantons.
In Romandie, Neuchâtel and Geneva are divided the title of red lantern into Switzerland, with a 7,2 % rate. The canton of Neuchâtel had in December a very strong degradation (0,4), whereas Geneva was stable
With this evolution, Neuchâtel confirms its status of canton the most touched by the effects of the economic crisis on the market of the employment. Between the end of December, 2008 and the end of December, 2009, its unemployment rate climbed of 3,3 points to finally stopped at 7,2 % of the working population.
Geneva had a progression of 1,3 point only, according to the figures of the State Secretariat of the economy ( SECO). Somewhere else in the French part, the canton of Jura have had not a really good month in December with an increase of 0,4 of the unemployment rate, about 6,3 % (2,5 points over a year).
In less than a year, the number of the unemployed persons increased of 45,5 %, which means around 53’978 more than at the end of December 2008, at the national level. At the end of last December, the number of free jobs space decreased of 2112 to 10 ‘ 824.
The total of job-seekers increased of 8243 in December to settle to 234 ‘ 359. 36,8 %. is the increase of job seekers over a year
The youth unemployment, so the category of 15-24 years, progressed for 1,1 % in December which is affect around 29 ‘ 600 people. Over one year, this number increased of 54 %, it’s much more than the average, it means around 10 ‘ 000 unemployed people.


One thought on “Swiss labor market: Neuchâtel and Geneva champions of the unemployment

  1. If you think about a prosperous and strong economy and low unemployment figures, the first country which comes into your mind is obviously Switzerland. So I was quiet shocked when I was reading that the unemployment figures now nearly reached the European average standard level. Especially that the numbers of youth unemployment increased is an indicator for the current economic situation. For such a small country like Switzerland, an increase by 10,000 unemployed is a burden hard to carry. I´m interested in how the situation is going to develop in future and if Switzerland will be able to come back to its former strength.


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