German labour market is going to become more attractive for inhabitants of the new EU member states

The latest published study of the Institute of the German economy (Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft) shows that the German labour market is becoming more and more interesting for highly trained and educated employees from the new EU members. Due to the fact that the average wage level in Germany is roughly more than two thirds higher than in their home countries.

Additionally to the wage differences the highly developed social security system and the high standard of living attract the immigrants as well.

Despite the obvious fact that the German economy relies on the immigration of well educated employees, more than 40% of the German employees fear that there will be negative influences on them, by giving employees from e.g. Poland or the three Latvian states the legal possibility of working in Germany. First of all the fear of losing their jobs to employees form the eastern states.

The institute of the German economy points out that the British Economy gained from the opening of the borders to employees from the new members as early as 2004. Britain’s economic boom of the recent years had been mostly based upon the opening of the borders. The British example demonstrates that the prejudices of the German employees are unsubstantiated.

Furthermore the study quotes that in 2011 and 2012 nearly 800,000 employees from Middle and Eastern Europe will come to Germany. By 2020 the experts expect that the number will rise to 1.2 million people. Currently 425,000 people from the EU-8 countries live and work in Germany. At the moment Italians which earn their living in Germany hold the No 1 rang with 365,000 people but the polish immigrants follow shortly with 315.000 people.



3 thoughts on “German labour market is going to become more attractive for inhabitants of the new EU member states

  1. As usual opening borders to immigrants is a matter of concern for locals- it involves fear of wage decrease, unemployment rate increase and numbers of other problems, including psychological discomfort. But immigration can leave also positive effect such as filling the empty work places and stimulating economical development.

  2. I think it’s good for Germany that they can recruit so many highly qualified EU members but it a shame that the countries can not keep their own experts. They experienced many years of good education and have to leave their country because what they earn there is not even the half as in Germany.

  3. In my opinion it is more or less a win win situation that highly qualified employees are immigrate to Germany to find a job. On the one hand it is a perfect situation for the employees because they can exercise their professional expertise what they have learned during their education in the foreign country. On the other hand Germany profits a lot because they have a huge lack of specialists in several sectors and can therefore fill their gaps with these employees. To my mind german employees do not have to be afraid of loosing their jobs because of specialists from abroad because they are not stealing jobs.


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