Women Labour Market in Germany

Women don´t want to work they want to stay with their family. This statement is not true. The opposite way is in Germany. Many employees there want to work more and longer – if they were allowed.

The half of all part-time employees and a third of the mini-jobber would like to work longer. This was a result from a study of the institution for labour market and occupational research. The researcher makes the detection that the wish and the reality of labour time are pretty different. According to the information of IAB that belongs to the Federal Employment Agency after the German reunification the development between the man and woman changed very different. The numbers of employed man fell from 1991 to 2010 about 8% while the number of women increased at 16%. At the same time the full employment falls about 20%. The losses of full-time jobs go with strong growth in part-time – and along with mini-jobs. This is true especially for women. So in 2010 the half of all workers was women. The contingent of women in the working volume was only 43%. Normally career for woman have less promotion prospects then for men. So it is difficult for the women to make career because all the other women want the same position. Another aspect is that women get less money for the same work that a man makes. The women earn for the same job and work 21% fewer than a man.

A reason why companies are afraid to border a woman in high position is that they think that woman want to marry and get children. In that fact they have to pay them while there are not there and maybe they won’t come back only as part-time worker.





6 thoughts on “Women Labour Market in Germany

  1. Throughout history men have always had the upper hand when it comes to wages in the workplace. This fact is because back then, men were the one that worked to provide for their families and the women stayed home to tend to the house duties and caring for the kids. Now times have changed and for some families, for one reason or another, it takes two incomes to provide for the family to be comfortable. Although women have came a long way in the workplace all over the world, women still have a long way to go.

    • As Brittany already mentioned, one income is not sufficient enough today. Women are almost forced to look for a work. I think the labor market policy measures should have the same quality for men and women, meaning that women have equal opportunities in the labour market. The whole situation of women in the labour market must be improved, like for example the elimination of the gender pay gap between women and men. In Austria another problem is the situation in child care, which is still unbearable. There are still some 35.000 in the sub-3-year-olds with no space in day-care centers. This means that women either cannot accept jobs or often have to make involuntary part-time jobs which are not enough for living. Moreover I think that women nowadays do not necessarily have to give up their careers. Of course this depends on their husbands and companies support. They should also get the chance to prove themselves in higher positions, mainly because climbing the ladder there was hard enough.

  2. Companies are no longer allowed to discrimminate against women and be afraid of them wanting to marry and have children. Women’s representation in a range of occupations has increased dramatically, with changes in some higher level jobs being particularly distinct (eg professional and managerial posts). There are many reasons why Germany and other countries have seen this increase e.g. the changing roles of parents (more acceptable for women becoming the “bread winner” and men staying at home), less industrial work means more opportunities for women, equal pay acts and sex discrimmination acts provide more opportunities for women etc.

  3. Undoubtedly situation in a labor market against women is unfair. That is why everyone speaks about absolute equalty. But the thing is that I am not sure if it is possible in reality. We are different and this is not a case where some government actions and special policies might help.

  4. its quite upseting as a women to read an article like that! i mean i dont understand why women cant have the same money as a men for the same job when we are as capable as them! And its all about money all the time! i think we should find some agreement for women workers.. its not normal that a women cant work in a full time job or having 21% less money than a man. women should require changements!! and i think men should try to be at home with kids its really hard im pretty sure 90% of them would stay max a week at home and give up! if at least women had good money for being at home it would be easier…!

  5. The fact that women might want to start a family should not be held against them when hiring for a top position it should be based on what they have to offer to the job and whether they would be able to manage it and be able to handle what is required. There should also be no difference in pay – if they both work the same amount of hours and doing the same job then they should receive the same amount.


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