European Job Day

If your job is exciting, there is still an opportunity to improve it and the way how to do that is by gaining new talented multicultural skills.

New work is often actual for university graduates, as well as we will soon be, yet being students. New work may also be a challenge for experienced professionals. Notwithstanding of what the reasons of job search are, one thing is certain, should not be missed opportunities that are provided and should be broadened horizons. Working abroad not only to gain an unforgettable experience and cultural exchange, but also raises the value for the employers .

EURES annually in different European Union country will host activities ‘the working day’, which aims at promotion of mobility the EU and are held within various conferences, seminars and other form being provided with information and share experiences of working abroad, which is topical both workers and employers. This is also a great opportunity to meet employers and workers together, and get expert advice on various practical matters.

In total, there have already been four “European Job Days ‘, so remains to follow information about future” European Job Days’ activities.



9 thoughts on “European Job Day

  1. The European job day is very interesting. It’s also new for me. It is a great opportunity for a lot of people. You can meet there several people from any sector. The most interesting thing is that there are also a lot of opportunities for professionals. So, not only well-educated students have to be there, but also people with a lot experience. This will be have an great effect in the sense of knowledge in that day. Normally, professionals have more connections and they can help students with a job or other things. Maybe I will go there next time!

  2. I think this is a great eye-opener for the people who are not very wel formiliar with the mobility within the EU, and this could also lead to better competition within the EU because companies would be able to get their staff from more then one country.

  3. This is a very motivating idea. It gives us a range of coverage over the different opportunities for us as professionals. Its also knowledgeable for the mobility within the EU. It widens our horizons, it gives us a better outlook of different cultures. It would for certain be an unforgettable experience. It gives us more opportunities.

  4. “European Job Days” provide an excellent opportunity for recruitment, for people to meet employers, for people to discuss plans with a EURES Adviser or to find out more about how the EU can help. European Job Day provides the perfect chance for people to meet new faces for the intention of future employment and explore possibilities offered by the labour market.

  5. Labor force movement among European countries is unstoppable phenomenon. It is undoubtedly great that there are organized such European Job days where both sides-employers and employees- can interact, meet and share the new information.

  6. The European Job Days is the perfect way to draw attention to this opportunity and to motivate the companies to take that risk and hire people from abroad, i think this is a great initiatief and this could creat compativeness and higher educated people later, because they have to have alot of knowlage and have to be able to be flexible, i support this project fully.

  7. European Job Day is a brilliant idea as it shows people the different jobs that are on offer to them as well as getting to meet people who you could potentially be working with.

    It also gives people the opportunity to a fresh start in other places if they feel that they are not getting everything they want in life from their home country.

  8. It’s a great idea to manage this kind of meeting. For people who are not afraid to work abroad is a wonderful opportunity to find new contacts. And you may experience and excellent feedback between the employer and prospective employees.

  9. Europen Job Day is really good idea. In Lithuania we also have this Day. I thing this is very good thing for employers and workers. They can speak, communicate, change advices. In this day workers can find new opportunities in their jobs and career. Also it is very good to meet your colleagues and share your knowledge with them. I thing all countries need to have this day. It’s really good for everybody.


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