Low Brain Drain in Germany

Germany’s Manager staying at home or coming back.

Re to Manager and Specialist migration Germany is not as high affected as other European countries – this is the result of an international study about the migration behavior of Executives.

During 2008 and 2009 throughout Europe nearly 17 per cent of Manager went to another country for their career. At the same period of time the percentage for German Manager who left the country was only at 7 per cent. One of the main reason why Executives are emigrate is the salary: Europe-wide Germany counts besides Switzerland to one of the countries with the highest average income for the middle management – accordingly Switzerland was the most popular country for those German Mangers who didn’t want to stay in Germany.

Another important motive is the native language – when you look at the numbers of the target countries for German career-emigrants you can see that the most Manager and Specialists moved to Switzerland with 26 per cent. Another popular country for German Top-Executives is Austria with 7 per cent. Roughly one third of first-rate professionals orientated themselves on counties with the same language, this number supports the relevance of the native language for a migration.

Source: http://www.berufsstrategie.de/nachrichten/arbeit-ausland.php


6 thoughts on “Low Brain Drain in Germany

  1. Every economy fears an increasing number of brain drains, due to the fact that highly educated employees leave the country in order to work abroad. Especially in the medical sector, where the training of a Medical Doctor exceeds easily 150,000 € covered by the government. The economic loss for the society is large.
    The last time in history when Germany was facing such a loss of knowhow was during the 1930´s when the Nazis came into power and many intellectual Jewish families left Germany. This phenomenon can be easily seen by looking at the numbers of Nobel Prize winners before the 1930´s.

  2. As Jutta11 already mentioned every economy fears an increasing number of brain drains. This is also the case in Austria, especially in the western part of Austria. Everyday lots of people oscillate between Austria and Switzerland/Liechtenstein. Why? It’s not only managers, who leave their origin country. Also employees and students do it. The main reasons are: higher wages, lower taxes, stronger economy, stronger currency and better education with high standard facilities and excellent professors.

  3. Now again we can see that Globalization plays an important role in the Labour Market. I think that everybody should take advantage of this situation to travel, learn other languages, study abroad …

    This case of Managers moving abroad is very interesting I think because we can realize how they can get a better salary in other countries that speak the same language. This is very intelligent and at the same it can be bad for one country’s economy !
    For example Germany is very affected by this Brain Drain evolution. Like Jutta said, its a big economic loss for Germany.

    This phenomenon is called ” Tax Haven”. There are more and more Tax haven countries where taxes rate are very low, so not only managers can take advantage of it. Australia, Greece, Andorra are examples of the best Tax havens of the World.

    I don’t think that there’s really something to do about it, the main solution should be that each states has to make its country more attractive than others.

  4. I think it’s a shame that people have to leave their country because they don´t earn there so much. It is a loss for the country to train the people for years. I think it is normal that the people goes to countries that have the same language. So they don´t need to wast time to learn a new language they can directly start with the work. I would do the same.

  5. I think it’s normal for managers to move away and try something new in an other country, I don´t know if it’s just because of the money, I think these people have reached a lot in their live and their careers and want to explore new countries and new working methods. And let us be realistic, normally everybody would move somewhere, if the living standard is better there but not everybody has such job opportunities.

  6. I think it’s a question of money. It depends only on the government and the employers, what salary offer to employees. It is definitely not a good thing what is happening about it. Because the state have to pay more or less for education of future manager and when he goes abroad, then it is, for almost no return/


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