Greek unemployment is almost 15 percent

The unemployment rate in Greece in the first month of rose to 15.1 percent fromDecember’s level of 14.8 percent. Got as a result of the debt crisis to a new recordsince 2004, when the country began monthly unemployment data capture.

The debt crisis that forced the drastic austerity measures the government, heavily hit by the Greek economy and led to a sharp rise in unemployment. Last January’s unemployment rate was 11.3 percent in the country.
Greece is in crisis since early last in May adopted by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund financial assistance from bankruptcy in the range of 110billion euros (2.7 billion Kč). The government for it had to start the program drasticspending cuts and tax increases, the effect is now an economic slump.

The Greek economy has lost 4.5 percent last year. This year will be another drop ofabout three percent.

The unemployment rate in Greece is much higher than in the euro area, where inFebruary fell to 9.9 percent from January’s ten percent. More unemployment than inGreece is now in the countries of the euro just in Spain, where more than 20 percent,and the European Union in Lithuania and Latvia.


4 thoughts on “Greek unemployment is almost 15 percent

  1. Greece is in serious economical problems. The scenario is similar to Latvia’s, it also had to take money from International Monetary Fund and make drastic expenditure cuts. But it is starting to recover and unemployment rate for April is 13,9%, which gets lower.

  2. I think that the greek problem can only be solved if the EU designs a plan to give the greek money but without interest but let the greek pay in another wat. For example let the EU use some of their islands for some purpose , for example siance.

  3. The Greek economy should be top of the European Union’s priorities. Of all EU countries, their economy is probably the worst hit by the economic crisis and show very few signs of recovery in the near future. I agree with ‘dado11’ above that the EU will need to develop a special plan to help Greece out of this crisis or at least bring it onto the same level as the rest of Europe so they are all at an even keel and can work together to bring Europe back on top.

  4. im not really suprise about the high unemployment in Greece due to the crisis.. but there is one thing that i dont really understand its why the gouvernment do nothing to help the country to put back on its feet.. after giving them milion and million of euros, its like nothing happpend the country is still in a bad situation.. but i still think all of this situation happend because of the euro currency! i wonder somthing as well i would like to know how people to manage to live in greece. because i have been there recently and the prices were so high… so how people do to live if they dont have any money?
    anyway im really impatiente to see how the country will evoluate these next years.


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