Labour Market in Hesse Germany

Spring fever on the Hessian labour market: the continuing upswing in April, particularly among young people under 25 pushed the overall unemployment rate to 6.0 per cent. In Hesse, as calculated by the Frankfurt Regional Directorate of the Federal Employment Agency 187,461 men and women were without a job in April – 2.4 per cent less than in March. The rate edged down by 0.2 points. Nationwide, it is at 7.3 per cent. Fortunately, the international crisis didn’t show any affect at the labour market in Hesse, said Regional Directorate Manager Frank Martin.

Mainly the boom helps the young: 16,970 people under 25 years represent a decline compared to the numbers of March at 5.8 per cent. A year ago almost 20,000 young people were searching for a job. Also the number of apprenticeships increased: In April, there were 18 per cent more jobs reported than a year ago. However, the long-term unemployed and older job seekers lag behind. In the 50-year-olds, the number decreased only slightly by 2.7 per cent in the over-55s, they actually rose. Only after a prolonged period of growth other less advantaged groups will benefit as well, such as the elderly or long-term unemployed, said Martin.

The district of Kassel had the lowest unemployment rate with 5.9 per cent. The districts of Giessen and Darmstadt with 6.1 per cent were only slightly higher. Hesse’s highest unemployment prevails in the cities of Offenbach (11.4 %) and Kassel (10.6 %). Fulda (4.1 %) and Hochtaunuskreis (4.2 %) has the lowest unemployment rate.

Except for the Odenwald (+6.5 %) and the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis (+0.7 %) any unemployment could be reduced in comparison to last year. Here, the Odenwald outlier was due to miscalculations in the past: The Job Center had to adjust its numbers by 30 per cent.


3 thoughts on “Labour Market in Hesse Germany

  1. Germany is performing very good in unemployment rates, compering with other European countries. Though it was very interesting that there are so slight differences between rates among different cities of Hesse.

  2. It is normal that the highest unemployment rate in Hessen is in Offenbach am Main. Offenbach has the highest percentage rate of foreigners of all German cities. I don´t think that the immigrants in Offenbach are good immigrated. Education is the main cause for the professional life. The most young people there don´t care of it. So the result can´t be better.

  3. It’s nice to hear such good news from our home. Hessen is a nice example of development for the labour market and there is an increased demand for skilled workers in Hessen, too. In particular, the development in northern Hesse is considerable and mainly due to the variety of innovative companies, not least in the environment and energy sectors. Only concern is the development of the long-term unemployed and the elderly, these people obviously cannot benefit from the upturn and I hope there will be any reforms to solve these common problems.


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